The Top Language Arts Curriculum to Use in Your Homeschool

Language Arts curriculum has been the nemesis of many a homeschool mom – BUT NO MORE!!!! Here are all the amazing resources I’ve found – and even created – to help homeschool moms everywhere celebrate teaching their kids reading, spelling and writing… the top Language Arts curriculum to use in your homeschool.

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Rabbit Trails Through Literature: An Elementary Language Arts Curriculum

After homeschooling for a handful of years, I still had not found a language arts that was a good fit for us. So many options over complicated language arts for the early years. Elementary language arts curriculum should be low pressure, fun, and hands on. It should open up a love of learning to create kids who love to read and love to write, not squash their joy by pushing hard on grammar and sentence structure.

That’s when I decided to stop looking and create my own early elementary language arts curriculum…

  • Free Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Preschool Lesson
    Chicka Chicka Boom Boom has always been one of my very favorite preschool books to learn about letters. It’s the perfect way to introduce the alphabet and for your little ones to connect letters to their names. Now, we have a free Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Preschool lesson done the[Read more]
  • Three Writing Tips to Help Reluctant Learners
    We started Journey Down the Rabbit Trail writing membership because of my reluctant writer. Regular writing programs didn’t work for him because he lacked confidence and drive when it came to writing. He didn’t even want to start because he simply didn’t know how to! I knew we needed to[Read more]
  • Learning Parts of Speech Doesn’t have to be Boring!
    I’ve heard from so many homeschool parents about learning parts of speech and how dull it can be. No one wants language arts to be boring and it certainly doesn’t have it be! Add some fun to your homeschool with these parts of speech activities (plus a freebie, too!)
  • Free Rosa Parks Unit Study
    It’s no secret that we love learning through literature in our home. When I was working on the Rabbit Trail’s lesson for Martin Luther King Jr, I stumbled upon another book about Rosa Parks and knew it had to become a lesson as well. Studying black history doesn’t have to[Read more]
  • Take your studies down the Rabbit Trail with this free artist study!
    I don’t know about you guys, but my kids LOVE art! The walls of my home are filled with their creations, their grandparent’s refrigerators covered in handmade cards. Some are more detailed while others are…more abstract. My kids are passionate about art, which made me realize that art is an[Read more]
  • Keeping Homeschool Fun with Vocabulary Quest!
    As my kiddo gets older, we’ve been moving away from some subjects and moving onto others. Spelling has been something we’ve decided to drop as he’s entered middle school, but I also felt like that took away an aspect of language arts in helping him learn new words. That’s when[Read more]
  • Why I waited until middle school to start using a writing curriculum in our homeschool
    As soon as our kids pick up a pencil as wee little ones, we encourage them to write. We teach them their letters, how to spell their names, and other simple words. It comes as a shock to many people that I’ve chosen to hold off on using a writing[Read more]
  • Five Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Cursive Writing
    Cursive writing. It’s sadly a dying art. But, really, it’s so much more than an art! Cursive writing isn’t being taught as much as it used to, so it is something that I wanted to focus on in our homeschool. Why is learning cursive writing so important, though?
  • Writing Curriculum Your Boys Will Actually Like!
    Writing is something that my son has always done, just because he has to, without truly enjoying it. When we homeschool, we do so with the hope that our kids will develop a love of learning. This kid didn’t love writing and I finally found the perfect writing curriculum that[Read more]
  • All About Spelling Homeschool Curriculum
    All About Spelling is seriously the best homeschool spelling curriculum there is! The letter tiles, the app, the spelling rules…they all come together beautifully to make it amazing.

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