Writing Curriculum Your Boys Will Actually Like!

Writing is something that my son has always done, just because he has to, without truly enjoying it. When we homeschool, we do so with the hope that our kids will develop a love of learning. This kid didn’t love writing and I finally found the perfect writing curriculum that he actually likes! This writing curriculum for boys is the perfect fit for him. 

writing curriculum for boys

Revolting Writing For Boys (And Girls Who Dare!) is such a fun writing curriculum! My boys love the writing prompts, hilarious vocabulary, and cursive writing practice. #writingcurriculum #writingforboys #homeschooling #homeschoolwriting
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Boys are gross. Let’s face it, they’re definitely different than girls and that’s part of what makes them so fun. Since boys are different, their learning needs may be different, too. This is why Revolting Writing is the perfect writing curriculum for boys.

Revolting Writing

My son has had so much fun using Revolting Writing. His writing work has turned from being a chore to being a subject he actually likes to do. He likes that he’s encouraged to be silly, and I like that he’s still getting a great writing foundation.

Revolting Writing isn’t your average writing curriculum. It was designed for your boys in mind (or your girls who dare!). You will find vocab, but not your everyday words. You may find words like flatulence, phlegm, and contaminate, much to your son’s delight.

writing curriculum for boys

Why this writing curriculum is amazing for tween boys

Besides the fact that boys will gravitate towards the fun vocab words, it will ignite a spark inside them to write, at least it has for my son. We actually had to go through a deschooling-like period when we first started. He had to take a few weeks to realize that this was *meant* to be fun. Once he had the pressure relieved from him, he took off and hasn’t stopped.

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This past week we worked on a small research paper. But not just any research paper- he was encouraged to research a weird animal and explain why it was so peculiar. I’ve never seen him write the way he did for this assignment before! This curriculum definitely stands out from the rest.

More writing fun

In additional to fun vocab and writing prompts (that will last 18 weeks, I might add), your kids are encouraged to illustrate a page to go along with their writing. My son *loves* to draw, so he was thrilled when he saw this. I feel like having this additional outlet helps him improve in his writing because it’s making his story come alive that he visualizes in his head.

At the very end of the book, there are cursive copy work paragraphs to go along with each week. These are an awesome add on because the paragraphs are on the exact same topics your kids are writing about, so it’s almost like they’re able to see what someone else shared about the topic. Some of them crack my son up! He looks forward to seeing what they say every week. And I’m thrilled to have him practice his cursive because it’s something we’ve been slacking on.

revolting writing curriculum for boys

Writing for Boys (and Girls Who Dare!)

You can pick up this hilarious writing for your boys (or girls) over on Amazon. Just because your son is getting a little bit older doesn’t mean his school work can’t be fun. Let him enjoy this age and the potty humor that goes with it.


Would your boys (or girls!) love revolting writing? Let me know how this would help you in your homeschool by commenting below or joining my online homeschool community!

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