Five Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Cursive Writing

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Cursive writing. It’s sadly a dying art. But, really, it’s so much more than an art! Cursive writing isn’t being taught as much as it used to, so it is something that I wanted to focus on in our homeschool. Why is learning cursive writing so important, though?

5 reasons your kids should learn cursive writing and an awesome free cursive writing printable! #cursive #cursivewriting #freeprintable #homeschoooling #homeeducationf
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Five Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Cursive Writing

When kids start to learn to read and write, they are often taught manuscript. I chose this route with my own kids, too. There are more little kid friendly books in manuscript, so I have found it is easier for then to learn to write that way in the beginning, too.

When my kids start their second grade work, that is when I choose to introduce cursive. They’ve got manuscript mastered for the most part and, so far, they’ve all been very excited to get started on their new cursive writing venture.

Learning cursive writing is important for a few very good reasons. Here are five reasons why you should teach your kids cursive writing.

1. Learning cursive improves fine motor skills

The way that the pencil strokes the paper is so different when writing in cursive compared to writing in manuscript. You don’t have to lift your hand nearly as much when writing in cursive and connecting all of the letters makes your hand move in different ways. This is the perfect practice to get those fine motor skills beefed up.

2. Important historical documents are all written in cursive

Being able to read about and understand our nation’s history is very important. Documents like the Declaration of Independence are written in cursive. Sure, there are typed copies out there, but I’m a firm believer in being able to look at and understand the original documents. Our kids need to understand what these documents say so that they can continue to stand up for the freedoms that our country is so blessed to have.

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3. Cursive writing is easier to learn for kids with dyslexia

Not only do the fine motor skills of cursive writing help children with dyslexia, but cursive can be easier for them to differentiate the easily confused letters like b and d, as well as upper and lower case, compared to manuscript. Muscle memory is also huge when it comes to writing in cursive. Children with and without dyslexia alike are able to improve their spelling because of writing the word as a whole instead of parts or smaller sections.

4. Improves writing speed and clarity

It’s no surprise that writing in cursive can be done more quickly than writing in manuscript. Connecting the letters together is done in such a fluid motion that it’s so much faster! It can also improve the clarity and neatness of your kiddos writing

5. Cursive is good for creativity and the brain!

There is so much more to cursive writing than there is to writing in manuscript. Writing in cursive opens up your creativity and uses BOTH the right and left hemispheres of your brain! According to the New York Times, learning to write in cursive is shown to improve brain development in the areas of thinking, language, and working memory.

Free Cursive Writing Printable

5 reasons your kids should learn cursive writing and an awesome free cursive writing printable! #cursive #cursivewriting #freeprintable #homeschoooling #homeeducationf
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So, are you ready for your kiddos to start their cursive writing lessons? You can start right here with my freebie! This free printable has all letter of the alphabet in both upper and lower case for your kids to learn and practice. Copy it as many times as they need! I made this page in black and white so that it keeps your printer happy. You can gain access to my Subscriber’s Studio where all of my freebies are by signing up for my emails below. (Already a subscriber? Head to the Subscriber’s Studio now!)

Full Cursive Writing Workbook

5 reasons your kids should learn cursive writing and an awesome free cursive writing printable! #cursive #cursivewriting #freeprintable #homeschoooling #homeeducationf
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Are you wanting more for your child to learn cursive? I have created a full cursive writing workbook for your kids to go through each and every letter, in both upper and lower case, as well as 10 beautiful nature quotes when they’ve mastered their letters!

Each page has a cute woodland critter and plenty of space for your kids to learn their letters by tracing and writing all on their own on the lines provided.

Do your kids know how to write in cursive, or do you plan on teaching them when they’re ready? Let me know in the comments or in my online homeschool community!

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