Hands-On Spelling with My Spelling Journal

Spelling and phonics are an important part of a child’s education. That’s why we’re thrilled to add spelling to Rabbit Trails Homeschool with My Spelling Journal! Give your kids the phonics instruction they need in a fun, hands-on, and super easy way!

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My Spelling Journal

My Spelling Journal may seem like a normal spelling journal at first. It has 32 weeks worth of spelling lists available in 5 different levels. When you look closer, you will find an incredible, hands-on spelling curriculum for your elementary age child!

Hands-On Spelling for an engaging spelling experience

When children have fun while they’re learning, they’re going to keep coming back and asking for more! With Rabbit Trail’s spelling curriculum, you are provided with amazing ideas to get your children hands-on with their spelling. Simple, yet engaging, your children will not be learning their spelling words just to master a test, but are encouraged to fall in love with learning by being creative in their spelling practice!

What’s included in My Spelling Journal?

There are five levels to choose from in My Spelling Journal. Each level includes:

-A How to Use This Curriculum section full of ideas for hands-on fun
-Printable Rabbit images (his name is Bun!)
-32 weeks of grade level spelling lists
-Flashcards for each spelling word (plus extras for additional review)
-Journal pages to practice writing spelling words in a more traditional way

Want to see inside of My Spelling Journal? Grab a sample now!

Get My Spelling Journal to bring hands-on fun to your homeschool!

Level 1 – $24

Level 2 – $24

Level 3 – $24

Level 4 – $24

Level 5 – $24

Get hands-on with spelling today with My Spelling Journal!

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