Take your studies down the Rabbit Trail with this free artist study!

I don’t know about you guys, but my kids LOVE art! The walls of my home are filled with their creations, their grandparent’s refrigerators covered in handmade cards. Some are more detailed while others are…more abstract. My kids are passionate about art, which made me realize that art is an important rabbit trail that I need to adventure down with my kids!  That brings us to the NEWEST Rabbit Trails through Literature lesson- a free artist study that I’m sharing with you!

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Rabbit Trails through Litearture is a literature based language arts curriculum. Now, you can check it out for yourself with this FREE art lesson! Beautiful books, copywork, hands on activities, poetry, and more are what fill this lesson. Let’s dig in and see what all it includes!

Award Winning Books are the heart of Rabbit Trails through Literature

This Rabbit Trails through Literature lesson is filled with some amazing books! (You can access ALL of the books for all of the Rabbit Trails lessons in my Amazon Storefront!) The first book is The Noisy Paint Box, a story that tells about Wassily Kandinsky and how he birthed the movement of abstract art. Kandinksy was one of the unique 4% of the world who have a condition called Synesthesia. This allowed Wassily to SEE colors when he HEARD music. Can you imagine what that must have been like? Because of this unique ability, Wassily was the first artist to create a purely abstract piece of art. Isn’t it amazing how God inspires people and makes each of us unique? (Just like the snowflakes we learned about in the winter freebie lesson!)

This book is followed up by a Rabbit Trail into learning about different artists! Caldecott Medal winner Mary GrandPre illustrated many of the books in this free artist lesson. Learn about Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagill, and more through books in the lesson’s library list.

An inspired free artist study- the Rabbit Trails way!

Your children are encouraged to listen to music and create their own abstract painting! They can copy one of Kandinsky’s paintings or create their very own unique work of art. Just like the other Rabbit Trails through Literature lessons, this one comes complete with a language arts lesson, copywork, suggested poetry, and more ideas to enjoy. Let the lessons inspire you and take you down your own Rabbit Trails!

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Get your copy of this free artist study!

To grab your own copy of this free artist study, sign up clicking the button below. I hope this lesson brings delight and inspiration to your home! Get your free artist study now!

Continue down the Rabbit Trail…

If you know me, you know that I LOVE to double dip with different subjects! In this lesson your family will get a rich language arts lesson with art alongside it! My hope is that this lesson will inspire your family to dig deeper, not just into the arts, but also into their creativity. Listen to music, grab a paintbrush, and see where inspiration leads you! For more Rabbit Trails lessons, heads over to the Rabbit Trails Curriculum page to see all of the possibilities!

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