Free Rosa Parks Unit Study

It’s no secret that we love learning through literature in our home. When I was working on the Rabbit Trail’s lesson for Martin Luther King Jr, I stumbled upon another book about Rosa Parks and knew it had to become a lesson as well. Studying black history doesn’t have to happen in just the month of February, but can happen any time of year. I wanted to focus on teaching my kids about some amazing black women that influenced history, so that brings us to the NEWEST Rabbit Trails through Literature lesson- a free Rosa Parks unit study that I’m sharing with you!

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Rabbit Trails through Literature is a literature based language arts curriculum. Now, you can check it out for yourself with this FREE Rosa Parks lesson! Beautiful books, copywork, hands on activities, poetry, and more are what fill this lesson. Let’s dig in and see what all it includes!

Award Winning Books are the heart of Rabbit Trails through Literature

This Rabbit Trails through Literature lesson is filled with some amazing books! (You can access ALL of the books for all of the Rabbit Trails lessons in my Amazon Storefront!) The first book is Rosa, a true story about Rosa Parks and how she took a bold stand (or seat, rather) for the Civil Rights Movement.

This book is followed up by a Rabbit Trail into learning about different black women and their roles in the Civil Rights Movement. Learn about these inspiring women and how they’ve changed the course of the world through their work and their actions.

Tying language arts and history together

Your children will learn about what a biography is and how they are an amazing way to learn about history. They will write (or narrate) a biography about someone they know, and maybe even learn something new along the way!

Get your copy of this free Rosa Parks unit study!

To grab your own copy of this free language arts study, sign up clicking the button below. I hope this lesson brings delight and inspiration to your home! Get your free Rosa Parks unit study now!

Continue down the Rabbit Trail…

This lesson isn’t just amazing literature and a language arts lesson, but your children will be encouraged to dip their feet into some poetry, music, baking, and more. For more Rabbit Trails lessons, heads over to the Rabbit Trails Curriculum page to see all of the possibilities!

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