10+ Tips for the Homeschool Mom: Everything from Homeschool Rooms to Socialization!

Every homeschool mom learns so many tricks and tips throughout their journey, and who doesn’t love to glean from another mom’s wisdom?! Well, here are some of my favorite tips for the homeschool mom out there that is looking for ideas. Feel free to bookmark this page and check back often because I’m always looking for new ideas to add to this list!

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  • When you hit the homeschool slump
    We’ve all been there. We have a cold, a headache, or we simply don’t feel our best. We wonder how we’re ever going to get through these lessons without our head exploding.  What do you do when the homeschool lessons need done, but you can’t imagine doing anything else than[Read more]
  • Three Writing Tips to Help Reluctant Learners
    We started Journey Down the Rabbit Trail writing membership because of my reluctant writer. Regular writing programs didn’t work for him because he lacked confidence and drive when it came to writing. He didn’t even want to start because he simply didn’t know how to! I knew we needed to[Read more]
  • 6 Summer Family Activities to Keep Learning Fun
    It happens every summer. You’re finished with school and suddenly your routine is all messed up and your kids start to say the dreaded words… I. Am. Bored! You can have fun this summer while learning together! Here are 6 summer family activities to keep learning fun.
  • Three simple things to do so you don’t freak out over not finishing your homeschool curriculum
    What do you do when you’re afraid you’re not going to finish your curriculum for the year? A lot of people have a goal of getting so much done by their Christmas break. We’re getting close to that now, and I’m doing my Christmas shopping, finding stocking stuffers, and thinking[Read more]
  • When You Can’t Homeschool
    A lot of homeschoolers can attest to the times in life when you can’t homeschool.  Sometimes life happens and school just… doesn’t. So, what do you do when school work has to take a back seat to other priorities?
  • How to homeschool on a budget
    Homeschooling can be expensive. The curriculum can add up quickly and any add ons can put you over budget. Here is how I am able to homeschool on a budget.
  • When you’ve made the wrong homeschool curriculum choice
    It’s the thing we homeschool moms dread… What if the curriculum you choose ends up being the wrong homeschool curriculum choice? You spend hours researching and looking into books, not sure if it’s going to work. Fellow homeschool mom, you’re not alone. This is what our journey through choosing the[Read more]
  • How we juggle homeschooling multiple ages
    I have a lot of readers who wonder how we juggle homeschooling multiple ages and ask me about it all. the. time. Well, this is how we do it! (Que Montell Jordan’s song singing in your head…you’re welcome.)
  • Homeschooling outside of the home
    When people think of homeschooling, they think of families sitting around the kitchen table at home or in a home classroom doing work. But, did you know that a lot of homeschoolers actually take advantage of quite a few out of home educational opportunities? Here is how you can do[Read more]
  • 5 Myths about homeschoolers and socialization
    If you homeschool, it’s likely that you’ve heard the dreaded “S” word. That’s right- socialization. There are a lot of myths going around about homeschoolers and socialization. Silly things like, “How do homeschooled children make friends?” Here are five myths about homeschoolers and socialization, and we’re going to bust them[Read more]
  • Am I placing unrealistic expectations on my homeschooler?
    We all strive for it. Perfection. We want the perfect house and the perfect family and the perfect kids. But are we placing unrealistic expectations on our homeschoolers?
  • 4 tips on how to homeschool with a baby (or toddler!) in the house
    One thing that has made me stress the most over the years of homeschooling has been going from homeschooling just one child to homeschooling two kids at the same time. But, then, we added a baby into the mix, too. How on Earth do you homeschool with a baby in[Read more]
  • Do you need a homeschool room?
    Do you need a homeschool room? When you first start homeschooling, you may have a lot of questions about how to set a space for your homeschool up. Let’s go through your options on why you may want, or not want, a homeschool room.
  • Four Reasons You NEED a Homeschool Community
    Your tribe. Your people. Your group of mom friends. Whatever you call it, a homeschool community is a must in this journey of educating your kids.

So Many Tips for your Homeschool

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