Keeping Homeschool Fun with Vocabulary Quest!

As my kiddo gets older, we’ve been moving away from some subjects and moving onto others. Spelling has been something we’ve decided to drop as he’s entered middle school, but I also felt like that took away an aspect of language arts in helping him learn new words. That’s when it hit me- we should look into starting some vocabulary lessons in our homeschool!

Keeping homeschool fun with Vocabulary Quest! The vocabulary game that will keep your kids learning and having fun all at the same time. #vocabularycurriculum #vocabularygame #homeschoolvocabulary
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I received this curriculum for free and was compensated for my time. All of my opinions expessed are the honest to goodness truth and I was not required to write a positive review.

Vocabulary has never been strong suit of mine. It’s something I’ve almost become self-conscious about as an adult. I always knew I wanted to give my kids a great foundation in vocabulary, but I also knew having a list of words and making flash cards for them to memorize words would never work in our world. Vocabulary Quest has been the answer for us in teaching my kids new vocabulary and giving them a rich introduction to the world of words out there, but in an amazingly fun way that they’ll actually keep up with!

Learning vocabulary in our homeschool through interactive games

Vocabulary Quest is a game where your children go on a quest to learn 1,200 new vocabulary words by defeating monsters in battle and capturing them. I don’t know about you, but as soon as my son heard about this, he was all in. Taking something that can often be viewed as boring like vocabulary and turning into a game-based quest is not only fun in our homeschool day, but it’s something my son looks forward to doing.

You are able to choose how words are arranged (in alphabetical order, from easiest to hardest, etc) and also the level of difficulty you would like for their battles. Your kiddo will start out by creating their character that they will use throughout the game. Then, it’s time to prepare for battle by learning the words and definitions. They also have the option to see how the word would be used in a sentence. Once the words are introduced, there are mini-games such as cross-words and matching to study and familiarize themselves before going into battle.

Keeping homeschool fun with Vocabulary Quest! The vocabulary game that will keep your kids learning and having fun all at the same time. #vocabularycurriculum #vocabularygame #homeschoolvocabulary

Learning vocabulary, the fun way!

Let the battle begin! Spell the correct vocabulary word for the definition to defeat your monsters. When you win the battle, you can earn gems, rejuvenate the lands, and unlock new gear and special powers. This game truly is a quest that your children are going on and it makes it feel like they’re accomplishing something, not just finishing an assignment. Aspects like earning gems and being able to unlock new gear totally gets my son going to want to continue playing. They can learn new words by only playing 10-15 minutes a day, but there are definitely days I have to pull my son away because he’s having so much fun!

As a parent, you also have the option to create your own lists you can add for your kiddos to learn and focus on in their mini-games. I really like the ability to do this for combining subjects. Have a kiddo who needs to learn scientific terms? Add it into Vocabulary Quest as extra review. Win-win! There’s also the option to continue reviewing words your kiddos have gotten incorrect while in battle, which I feel is a really great tool in truly learning the new vocabulary.

Vocabulary curriculum the whole family can use

Vocabulary Quest isn’t an online subscription you only have for a little bit. It is a computer download or CD you can purchase and keep forever! It’s recommended for ages 5th grade through adult, so you can use it for all of your children as they are ready to move on and up and start learning more vocabulary. Whenever I find a resource I can use for the whole family, I know I’ve gotten something golden!! There’s also a free demo download, so you can check it out for yourself to see if it’s the right fit for your family.

Keeping homeschool fun with Vocabulary Quest! The vocabulary game that will keep your kids learning and having fun all at the same time. #vocabularycurriculum #vocabularygame #homeschoolvocabulary

We’ve loved using Vocabulary Quest as a part of our homeschool line up. I really feel like it’s giving my son the tools he needs to have a rich vocabulary and that it’s done in the perfect, fun way that totally jives with our homeschool. Have you given Vocabulary Quest a try? Let me know how you like it in the comments or in my online homeschool community!

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