Rabbit Trails through the Bible: A Literature Based Bible Curriculum

Are you ready to dive deep into the Word with your kids in a way you never have before? Studying the scriptures in a kid friendly way, getting hands on with your favorite Bible heroes and heroines, and worshipping together as a family? Rabbit Trails through the Bible is a brand new literature based Bible curriculum for your elementary age homeschool children that they’re sure to love!

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Rabbit Trails through the Bible is full of amazing books. This curriculum has one core book that your family will use through out your Bible studies, with the same Rabbit Trails that we all love. The list of books include many award winners and best sellers to make sure that your child is having quality literature read to them every day. (You can get all of the books in one convenient location inside of my Amazon Storefront!) This curriculum is for all elementary children, which means that you can use it with multiple children in the same home- saving you time and money

Learn about the Bible with Beautiful Books!

The main book for this curriculum is The Story for Children: A Storybook Bible by Max Lucado. This book is absolutely beautiful and tells the stories of the Bible in a child friendly way. (There are also plenty of opportunities to get into the Bible itself, too!)

These literature-based unit studies are relaxed in method, rich in copy work, and jam packed with Biblical information. In each lesson your child will learn about a Bible hero or heroine, have Bible verses available for memorization and copy work, have opportunities to study hymns, explore hands on activities, and more. Each and every lessons includes worship songs, a Bible lesson, some fun added in, and…

Rabbit Trails! This is the most exciting part of the entire curriculum. Within every lesson there will be a fun Rabbit Trail to go down to learn even more about the Bible, important people and events, and so much more. There will be additional books listed to read through the Library List, more hands on projects, and videos to learn about topics related to the Rabbit Trail.

Rabbit Trails through the Bible
Old Testament – $48

Old Testmant Bible curriculum, Rabbit Trails through the Bible

Rabbit Trails through the Bible
New Testament – $48

Coming Soon!

Add Even More to Your Bible Lessons!

Bible Companion Journal

Our Bible Curriculum has a companion journal! Ditch the boring notebooks from the store and grab a companion journal with a place for all of your copy work, activities, and more ideas to be all in one place.

Scripture Memory Cards

Scripture Memory Cards are available to add to your lessons! There are cards that correspond with every lesson’s Bible copy work. Grab yours today to add another beautiful piece to Rabbit Trails through the Bible!

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