Learning Parts of Speech Doesn’t have to be Boring!

I’ve heard from so many homeschool parents about learning parts of speech and how dull it can be. No one wants language arts to be boring and it certainly doesn’t have it be! Add some fun to your homeschool with these parts of speech activities (plus a freebie, too!)

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Three unboring ways to learn parts of speech in your homeschool

We’ve had our fair share of boring school. It took me years before I finally put my foot down and said that we will not have our homeschool be boring! We can learn by having fun and make our lessons meaningful… and not just another thing added to the to-do list.

Parts of speech is a big one, here. So many lessons my kids have done in the past using traditional schooling methods left us bored and frustrated. I took it upon myself to not only create their language arts lessons, but to share some of the fun things we’ve done with you, too! Here are three unboring ways to learn parts of speech in your homeschool.

1. Learning Parts of Speech through Games

Games are my go-to when we want to include something fun in our homeschool! It’s just too easy, right? Open game, play, learn, have fun, repeat. There’s really no excuse to not have fun while learning! Here are some games that you can use to keep the fun learning going in your home.

Grammar Wise

Spying Parts of Speech

Mad Libs Game

2. Using amazing books to learn parts of speech

Books are my JAM! I use books as much as I can in our homeschool to learn just about everything, so learning parts of speech through books is no different. Picture books are actually the framework of my curriculum, Rabbit Trails through Literature. In this curriculum, every single lesson is centered around a book, so children learn not only parts of speech, but all kinds of langauge arts concepts from books! Here are just a few books that are in the lessons in this curriculum. (Check out the full curriculum to learn about all of the amazing language arts concepts you can learn through literature in your homeschool!)

Learn Nouns with Library Lion

Learn Verbs with A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Learn Adjectives with Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

3. Use this free Parts of Speech Journal to keep the fun going!

In Rabbit Trails through Literature, I recommend to have children create their own parts of speech book. Now, half of the work is done for you with this free Parts of Speech Journal! This journal has room for 23 parts (and figures) of speech that are all found in my curriculum. Whatever language arts curriculum you choose to use in your homeschool, you can incorporate this journal in easily! It has pages to list words to go with your parts and figures of speech, plus pages to use copywork for additional practice (copywork is a phenominal way to practice all kinds of language arts concepts, from spelling to handwriting…and even parts of speech!)

To get this free Parts of Speech Journal, all you have to do is sign up for my e-mail newsletter below. Each week I send all kinds of homeschool goodness to your inbox, including high quality freebies just like this! (If you’re already a subscriber, you can head straight to my Subscriber’s Studio to snag your copy!)

Learning parts of speech with this free parts of speech journal

What are some fun ways you like to learn about parts of speech in your homeschool? Let us know in my online homeschool community!

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