Back to Homeschool Ideas to Both Celebrate and Prepare for the Coming Year

Although my family does incorporate a lot of learning activities throughout our summers, we do define the beginning of each school year. I’ve gathered all my best ideas for you on getting back to homeschool. I definitely encourage a party and a plan for the year. I hope you enjoy all these back to homeschool ideas!

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  • Back to Homeschool Books and More Picture Books to Read in September
    It’s officially back to school season, so what better time to read back to homeschooling books together as a family! September 4th is also National Wildlife Day, so let’s dig into some books about wildlife, too. Here are some of my favorite picture books to read in the month of[Read more]
  • Rabbit Trails through Homeschooling… a new lesson, just for mom!
    Rabbit Trails Homeschool has been cranking out lessons for homeschool children for a while now, but now it’s time for a lesson for you! Rabbit Trails through Homeschooling is lesson just for moms to prepare themselves for the homeschool year and celebrate the amazing blessing it is to homeschool our[Read more]
  • Beginning of School Year Interview
    My kids change so much every year! It’s inevitable. I look back through their work and their pictures and think, “How did they get so big?!” each and every time. Using a beginning of school year interview is such a sweet way to document these changes!
  • Back to Homeschool Party
    What better way to kick off the new school year than with a party! It has become a tradition for us to do a back to homeschool party breakfast, and we are all equally as excited about it each and every year. 
  • Mentally Preparing Yourself for the New Homeschool Year
    The school room is set. All of the curriculum is laid out and waiting for your kids to dig in. But, have you mentally prepared yourself for the new homeschool year?
  • How to Start Homeschooling
    You’ve made the decision to start homeschooling. Whether you’re taking your kiddo out of a brick and mortar school, or you’re beginning with your preschooler or kindergartener, learning about how to start homeschooling can seem overwhelming! Here are six tips to get you started on the right foot.

Start your homeschool year off right

All these great tips for getting back into the homeschool groove each year. If these tips have helped you, don’t forget to join my online homeschool community for more encouragement and support.

20 more ways to help you prepare!

I teamed up with some of my best friends and the best homeschool bloggers around to bring you an even bigger list of ways to help you prepare for the coming year! Check them all out, plus be sure to pin them all for later, too!

Top Back to School Worksheets for Your Homeschool from In All You Do

If you’re prepping for the new homeschool year, you’ll love all these back to school worksheets over at In All You Do.

Back to school freebie printables roundup from Hess UnAcademy
Are you gearing up for a new school year? This collection of back to school freebies includes many themed activities and printables to get kids excited for the new school year!

How to Get Back into Homeschooling After a Break from 4 One More
It’s great to take a break from school routines for the summer. But at the same time, we all crave a predictable structure. 4 One More shares how to get back into homeschooling after a break.

How and Why to Use an Eclectic Approach to Homeschooling from The WOLFe Pack
Have you ever wondered what an eclectic approach to homeschooling really is? Or why and how you might use one? Read this and see how it’s much more than just piecing together curriculum; it can actually be a philosophy that transforms your homeschool!

First Day of Homeschool Tips from Homeschooling 4 Him
What you do on the first day of your homeschool year can set your family up for success all year long. Here are some simple tips to help you start the year off right.

Ways to Help Your Kids Focus (ADHD) from Whole Child Homeschool
Learn what organizational strategies you can use in your homeschool to help your distractable child with ADHD better focus and learn while homeschooling. Perfect for kiddos with or without any unique learning needs!

Back to School Prep: Don’t Forget the Music! from Music in Our Homeschool
As you’re preparing your homeschool and curriculum for the new school year, don’t forget the music! Gena shares easy and fun ideas to make sure music is a part of your homeschool this year. Includes some free lessons!

Top Ten Ways to Smoothly Transition Back to Homeschool from Homeschool On the Range
Kick off the new year on the right foot!  Yvie is sharing her top ten tips for starting your homeschool on a good note.

Start Your New Homeschool Year On The Right Foot from Hope In The Chaos
A brand new homeschool year is on the horizon, and you are ready to tackle it with gusto! Armed with the perfect curricula, plenty of books and pencils, and your favorite cup of coffee, you are prepared to start your homeschool year with academic excellence. But before you do, let’s talk about a plan that offers a smoother transition for you and your kids.

Homeschool Room Essentials from Some Call It Destiny
Did you ever wonder what homeschool supplies you really need? Here are the essentials every homeschool room should have.

The Mega List of Free Homeschool Resources from With the Huddlestons
Looking for a MEGA list of free homeschool resources all in ONE place? Whether you’re looking for preschool or high school, YouTube or Netflix…we have you covered!

Fun First Day of Homeschool Ideas from Simple Living Mama
The first day of homeschool is an exciting day! Use some of these ideas to make it fun and memorable. You’ll create first day of homeschool traditions your kids will never forget!

Top Ten Tips – Help For Your Homeschool Journey from Geez, Gwen!
This collection of ten popular articles from Geez, Gwen, offer insight and encouragement for homeschool families. Get homeschool help in a variety of areas and feel better prepared for another year of this homeschool life.

Make A Fun Tradition Around Pancakes To Celebrate from Our Crazy Adventures In Autismland
We like to celebrate not back to school when the public school kids go back. Pancakes of various characters are the perfect way to do it.

How to Plan Your Homeschool Year in One Day from Heart and Soul Homeschooling
Ready to plan your bright shiny new homeschool year? Check out these tips to help you do it simply, efficiently, and flexibly so you can get it done and move on with your learning plans.

My List of Favorite Homeschool Math Resources from Julie Naturally
Do you like to follow a more relaxed, non-textbook approach to homeschooling but struggle with teaching math? Check out this list of math resources from Julie Naturally’s unschooling perspective.

Back to School Deals from The Homeschool Cafe
Build your homeschool library and resources with the latest deals for study units, courses and supplies.

Homeschool Organization Without a Homeschool Room from An Off Grid Life
Homeschooling without a dedicated homeschool room? I did this for many years. Here are my best tips for getting (and staying) organized without a school room in your home.

The Pros and Cons of Open-and-Go Curriculum from Thrive at Home
Is an open-and-go or all-in-one homeschool curriculum right for your family? It might be. Here’s what to know if you’re considering one.

Meal Planning for Homeschool Moms from My Joy-Filled Life
Homeschool moms have enough on their plates! So stop making mealtime a stressful time! Make meal planning and prep easier with these helpful tips.

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