Rabbit Trails through Homeschooling… a new lesson, just for mom!

Rabbit Trails Homeschool has been cranking out lessons for homeschool children for a while now, but now it’s time for a lesson for you! Rabbit Trails through Homeschooling is lesson just for moms to prepare themselves for the homeschool year and celebrate the amazing blessing it is to homeschool our children!

Rabbit Trails through Homeschooling- a lesson for the homeschool mom. Go down the Rabbit Trail with this beautiful, literature based lesson just for you, homeschool mom! Enjoy beautiful books together with your children, the dive down your very own rabbit trail to prepare for the new homeschool year. Homeschool mom lesson. Homeschool lesson for mom. Homeschool lesson planning. Charlotte Mason homeschooling. Rabbit Trails Homeschool. #homeschooling #homeschoolmom

Rabbit Trails through the Holidays is a literature based curriculum that focuses on different holidays and special days. Now, there is a special lesson just for the homeschool mom! Beautiful books, copywork, preparing for your year, and more are what fill this lesson. Let’s dig in and see what all it includes!

Beautiful Books are the heart of Rabbit Trails through the Holidays

This Rabbit Trails through the Holidays lesson is filled with some amazing books! (You can access ALL of the books for all of the Rabbit Trails lessons in my Amazon Storefront!) The first book is This Is My Home, This Is My School by Jonathan Bean. See inside of this homeschool with amazing watercolor illustrations to inspire you and your child’s love of learning!

This book is followed up by a Rabbit Trail of reading even more about homeschooling! These books are all amazing reminders about why we chose to go on this journey with our children. Enjoy reading them together as a family! This lesson also has links inside of it for you to easily find the resources that are recommended in the lesson! Just click on anything underlined to bring you right to the resources.

Tying a lesson for kids and a lesson for mom together

Rabbit Trails through the Holidays are typically lessons for kids, but this is a lesson just for you to share with your children. There are books to enjoy together, but all of the copywork, the fun ideas, and more are for you to enjoy and to fill your cup. This fun lesson is only $8, just like all other Rabbit Trails through the Holidays lessons. I hope it blesses you as a homeschool mom!

Continue down the Rabbit Trail…

Want to see what other holidays and special days are available from Rabbit Trails Homeschool? Be sure to check out Rabbit Trails through the Holidays and add some of these fun lessons to your homeschool today!

Rabbit Trailis through the Holidays

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