Back to Homeschool Books and More Picture Books to Read in September

It’s officially back to school season, so what better time to read back to homeschooling books together as a family! September 4th is also National Wildlife Day, so let’s dig into some books about wildlife, too. Here are some of my favorite picture books to read in the month of September!

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Back to Homeschool Books

Miss Teacher Mom by Katlynne Mirabala

A story written from the perspective of a little girl who is homeschooled. She loves that her mom is her teacher and explains the reasons why on each page!

This is My Home, This is My School by Jonathan Bean.

This autobiographically inspired picture book depicts a homeschool family where Mom is the best teacher and Dad the best substitute. Watch as the kids perform show-and-tells, science lessons, math, and even recess time! This book is also the main book that goes along with Rabbit Trails through Homeschooling!

Mama, Why am I Homeschooled? By Jacy Ruwea

This is a question every homeschooled child asks at least once during their homeschool journey. With beautiful hand painted illustrations and rhythmic wording, Mama, Why am I Homeschooled will help answer some of the age old question for homeschooled children.

My Schoolhouse Rocks! by Katlynne Mirabal

My Schoolhouse Rocks is told from the joyful perspective of a homeschooled boy who loves being homeschooled. Throughout the story we learn all the things that he loves about his “schoolhouse.” The positive tone in this story is one that resonates with my mama heart and reminds me of all of the reasons I chose to homeschool my own kids!

Charlie Goes to School By Ree Drummond

While the family gathers around the table with books and chalkboard in tow, Charlie joins the family for a typical day of homeschool. This story is told from the perspective of Charlie, the family basset hound!

The First Day of Homeschool by Kaitlin Harris

This book contains beautiful watercolor illustrations that follow an eager second grader and his younger sister through their first day of homeschool. Cinnamon rolls, bike rides, and more are all a part of the first day of school for this family! Reimagine what the classroom and first day of school look like in this story by Kaitlin Harris and celebrate going back to homeschool!

Picture books about wildlife for National Wildlife Day

Pangolina by Jane Goodalla

Legendary naturalist Jane Goodall weaves an eye opening fictional book about the plight of the pangolin, on its way to endangerment due to illegal trafficking.

The Buffalo Are Back by Jean Craighead Georgea

The buffalo, an American icon once nearly extinct, has made a comeback. This stirring picture book tells the dramatic story, following bison from the Plains Indians to the cowboys, Teddy Roosevelt to the Dust Bowl, and from the brink of extinction to the majestic herds that now roam our national parks.

Cougar Crossing by Meeng Pincusa

The famous “Hollywood Cougar” was born in a national park near Los Angeles. After crossing 16 lanes oftraffic and moving into Griffith Park, scientists & concerned citizens joined together to raise money to build a wildlife bridge to help cougars and other wildlife safely expand their territories and build new homes.

A Whiff of Pine, a Hint of Skunk: A Forest of Poems by Deborah Ruddell

This sweet book of wildlife poems is sure to please! Your kids will learn zoological facts while enjoying poetry and whimsical illustrations. The characters brought forth from the animals are fun and will bring joy and laughs to your next poetry tea time.

Daylight Starlight Wildlife by Wendell Minor

Enjoy the incredible illustration from Wendell Minor in this book that shows nature during both the day and night. You’ll be taken on a journey to experience the movements, sounds, colors, and textures of nature with this story about wildlife.

Back to Homeschool and Wildlife Books to Read in September

What are you favorite back to school (or homeschool!) books to read in your home? Let us know in the comments or in my online homeschool community!

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