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Back to Homeschool Party! No better way to start your homeschool year than with a back to school breakfast party! #homeschool #backtoschool #freeprintableWhat better way to kick off the new school year than with a party! It has become a tradition for us to do a back to homeschool party breakfast, and we are all equally as excited about it each and every year. 

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Back to Homeschool Party

Each and every year I throw a back to homeschool part for my kids. We all look forward to it oh, so much to get us into the spirit! It’s become a tradition for us that my kids are tickled about on our first official day of school each year. Here is everything that I do to make it special and a free printable for you to use in your homeschool!

Breakfast Party Food

The most important part about any party is the food… Well, at least it is for me! Each year I bake these oatmeal chocolate chip muffins. Except, to be more festive, I use M&Ms for some color. I also add cream cheese frosting (because, sugar), so they end up looking more like cupcakes. This makes my boys super excited, since they seem to think they’re having cupcakes for breakfast, which is typically a big no-no in this house. I also add some cute cupcake toppers that I made (don’t worry, there’s a free printable below, and I make them with these cake pop sticks!) I try to have some type of fruit salad if I plan ahead, or if my current stash of fruit in the house allows. And we finish it all off with some OJ.

Back to Homeschool Decor

You can’t have a party without decorations. I set our table up with placemats (AKA- construction paper), place settings (AKA- paper plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery), and place setting cards. I also like to make a cute center piece using a mason jar (you can use any type of glass vase) and these alphabet magnets. I add a few more of the same cupcake toppers inside of the jar. It adds a cute pop of color to the table! Last, but not least, the banner. I found this adorable chalkboard banner that I was able to customize. Use a chalkboard marker so that you can use the sign again year after year. I finished it off with some little apples I cut out to match the toppers and place settings.

Kicking the Homeschool Year Off Right

Sure, we don’t need to have a back to homeschool party to start the year off. But, it has changed the attitudes in our house. Instead of thinking of the work that lies ahead, my kids wake up super excited about having our little party. And, I will admit, the crafty mama in me delights in setting the room up and creating a sweet little breakfast for my crew. Breakfast isn’t normally super formal in our house (I’m so not a morning person… thank you homeschooling for allowing me to continue in that personality trait), so it’s nice to sit down at the beginning of our day and prepare our minds for the day ahead and the school year ahead. It always brings lots of smiles and joy!

Free Back to Homeschool Printables!

I made something for you! Get my Back to Homeschool cupcake toppers, place setting cards, and some additional apples for your banner when you sign up for my newsletter. You’ll receive access to these and all of my other printables in your welcome email. (Already a subscriber? Head over to the Subscriber’s Studio now!)


How do you kick off your homeschool year? Or if you homeschool year round, do you do anything to transition from completing one set of curriculum to the next? Join my online homeschool community to let me know, or drop something in the comments below!

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