Online Games to Get Kids Excited About Math!

My six year old dreads math. Even with exciting curriculum, it’s probably his least favorite subject. When we found Splash Math for Homeschoolers, his entire tune changed. Not only does he beg to play Splash Math, but I have to pry him away from the computer because he loves it so much. These online math games are sure to get your kids excited about math, too!

Splash Math online math games for homeschoolers are games my kids love! #splashmath #onlinemath #mathgames #homeschooling
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Disclosure: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. I was not required to write a positive review of this item and all of my opinions are the honest-to-goodness truth.

Engaging Online Math Games

So, what makes Splash Math different than other online math games and gets my kids so excited? Well, there are two different aspects that they love- earning coins and buying items for their zoo and aquarium. But first, I want to talk about how cute this online math game is and why it is so engaging for my kids.

While your kids are playing, there is a calming wave sound that plays in the background. Not only is this calming and can help their concentration, but it’s super fun to pretend like you’re right there at the beach playing your online math games. The images in the games and the background are so vibrant and the illustrations are beautiful.

Earning coins in Splash Math

With each and every practice activity that your child plays, they will earn coins for their correct answers. There’s a cute little hippo that encourages your kids along the way and an ever-enticing jingle every time they get the answer right and earn those coins.

The coins your kiddos earn are all displayed on the screen for them to keep track of. This is what keeps my kids playing and playing for hours- literally! There have been times I’ve had to ask them to get off of the computer so I can use it to work (who wants to donate a iPad to us- there is an app for Splash Math on i-devices!) They want to keep going to earn those coins, which means that they’re getting tons of math practice!

Splash Math online math games for homeschoolers are games my kids love! #splashmath #onlinemath #mathgames #homeschooling

Spending coins from the online math games

So, what is this jungle and aquarium that I’m talking about? Well, in addition to online math games, there are things to buy with your coins. Your children can go inside of their jungle and aquarium to buy fish and animals. Friends, they don’t even realize that they’re learning money management in this course!

Inside of the aquarium you can buy fish, food, music, and anvils. You can fill the aquarium with your fish, feed them, make them dance to the music, and drop anvils on the crab’s heads. My kids cackle with laughter when they drop anvils on the crabs! It’s so silly, but kids will work hard for silly! Inside of the jungle you can buy animals, so not as much as the aquarium, but still a lot of silly fun. The animals dance, sleep, make their animal sounds, and more when you click on them as they walk around the jungle.

There are also different worlds your kids can earn coins to buy. The worlds are where the math practice actually takes place. These are big ticket items, coming in at 250 per world. Neither of my kids have been patient enough to save up to buy another world yet, but the sky world is included. They have the option to buy space, jungle, under water, and candy worlds to add to the math game fun! You may have a saver in your family who will want to earn all-of-the-coins to get as many worlds as they can.

Splash Math online math games for homeschoolers are games my kids love! #splashmath #onlinemath #mathgames #homeschooling

Online math games mom will love, too

Not only do my kids love Splash Math, but I love that they’re spending so much time increasing their math skills. It has been a breath of fresh air seeing my reluctant math learner and math lover alike looking forward to playing online math games. I can take a break without feeling guilty while they’re busy playing away. These games will be added to our official homeschool plan!

I also like that I can set goals for their playing time. I originally set a 45 minute goal for them to complete a week, but they very quickly exceeded this goal! (Have I mentioned that they love this?) Splash Math for Homeschoolers has been an absolute blessing to add to our homeschool!

Splash Math online math games for homeschoolers are games my kids love! #splashmath #onlinemath #mathgames #homeschooling
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