Top Bible Lessons for your Homeschool

We want our kids to know the Bible and be able to apply it to their lives. Here are some of my top homeschool Bible lesson for you to use with your family.

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  • A Journey through Psalms: Free 30 Day Bible Study
    When times get tough, it’s easy to let anxieties creep in and start to fear. The best way to handle this is to turn to the Lord. Whenever I go through a tough season, I have two choices: I can sit and let that worry fester and start eating me[Read more]
  • Scripture Advent Countdown – A Journey through Luke
    Christmas is a time when we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Every year I try to think of a way to make our Christmas a Christ-centered one and a way for our family to slow down. This year we are taking a Journey through Luke together[Read more]
  • Why I Don’t Use a Homeschool Bible Curriculum
    We don’t use a homeschool Bible curriculum. *Cue the gasps* I know, I know. What kind of good, Christian homeschool mom am I if I don’t follow a homeschool Bible curriculum? Give me a chance, and let me explain why I don’t use a homeschool Bible Curriculum.
  • Getting Into the Word: A Bible Study Journaling Plan
    I have been looking for a bible study to do with my kids for years. I haven’t found one that fit exactly what I was looking for… so I created my own. And I’m going to share it with you, for free!

Including Bible Lessons in your Homeschool

I hope you find these resources to be helpful to your Homeschool Bible curriculum. I’d love to hear what resources you love over in my online homeschool community – come join us!

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