Roadschooling Resources – taking your homeschool out on the road

I believe learning can happen anywhere and that is why some of our most favorite educational experiences have not been at home, but during our fun family traveling experiences. Here are all my favorite roadschooling resources to inspire you to look for more ways to take your own homeschool out on the road.

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  • Our Roadschooling Journey
    We love to travel. This is actually a fairly new love for me. We bought a camper a few years ago, but it was mostly my husband’s thing that I went along with because he was so excited about it. Little did I know that I would want this to[Read more]
  • What’s it like living in an RV with my family?
    When people find out I live in an RV with my family they have all sorts of questions. Where does everyone sleep? How are we able to cook? Don’t I get sick of my kids?! The truth is, living in an RV isn’t always glamorous, but it’s really not that[Read more]
  • Kid’s Books About the Ocean
    We dove into reading this month and learned all about the ocean. We’ve been living at the beach so natural learning started to happen and questions came up every day. We found some really cute books to learn about some favorite sea creatures. Here are eight kid’s books about the[Read more]
  • My Top Tips for Traveling With Kids
    When I tell people about where or how often we travel, one of the lines I hear the most is, “Isn’t that hard with kids?” Traveling with kids can be one of the biggest blessings in parenthood, but it’s also a lot of work. Here is how we make traveling[Read more]
  • The Underground Railroad Unit Study
    The Underground Railroad is a topic in history I was excited to cover with my kids in our homeschool. It’s such an important subject to discuss so that children can truly understand slavery and a period in our country that still effects us today. I took this topic and made[Read more]
  • 100 ways to incorporate roadschooling in your homeschool
    Roadschooling is our favorite way to learn. From rich, living history, to learning about nature while we’re traveling to new places, the possibilities are endless! But, what exactly is roadschooling? And how can you add it into your homeschool? I will show you with these 100 ways to incorporate roadschooling[Read more]
  • Roadschooling lessons about Autumn
    Autumn is my very favorite time of year! The leaves. The crispness in the air. So, naturally, we planned a roadschooling adventure during my favorite season! Here is how we are creating roadschooling lessons about autumn, complete with free printables, a video, and more.
  • Roadschooling to Mammoth Cave
    During our hurricane evacuation, we took advantage of the mandatory vacation and traveled to a national park on our bucket list- Mammoth Cave National Park. It did not disappoint! Here is the inside scoop of our roadschooling adventure.
  • Homeschool lessons at the Zoo and Rainforest
    Traveling and roadschooling have become a big part of our homeschool. This past week we headed to Cleveland, Ohio and visited the Cleveland Metropark Zoo and Rainforest. It did not disappoint!
  • Real Life Learning at a Pirate Festival
    This past weekend we were able to visit a pirate festival in a nearby town. What I didn’t know was that we were going to get such an awesome history lesson out of it!
  • Our amazing national parks roadschooling adventure
    During our move from California to North Carolina we packed up our camper and planned for an amazing national parks roadschooling adventure! We hit the road for six weeks and our lives were changed forever. 
  • How to become a Junior Ranger
    We LOVE the Junior Ranger program! We travel to state and national parks as much as possible for our kids to get the opportunity to add to their Junior Ranger badge collection. But, did you know that you can earn badges at home, and even become a webranger?!
  • What is Roadschooling?
    Roadschooling has become a central part of our homeschool. We love to learn through experiences, real life history lessons, and everything different locations have to offer. But, what exactly is roadschooling? 
  • How to Homeschool on Vacation
    I don’t know if you know this, but we LOVE to travel. Love it. We get away at every opportunity we can. Being homeschoolers makes this easier, as we can literally just pick up and school from everywhere. But, usually, we don’t do our normal course work while we’re on[Read more]

Roadschooling Adventures

I hope you have been inspired by all of our adventures. We’ll be adding lots more adventures in the near future so check back soon. I love to chat with my readers so please feel free to join our online homeschool community and share your adventures with us as well!

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