Why I Don’t Use a Homeschool Bible Curriculum

We don’t use a homeschool Bible curriculum. *Cue the gasps* I know, I know. What kind of good, Christian homeschool mom am I if I don’t follow a homeschool Bible curriculum? Give me a chance, and let me explain why I don’t use a homeschool Bible Curriculum.

Why I don't use a homeschool Bible curriculum. This may sound strange in a Christian homeschool, but I don't make my kids use a homeschool bible curriculum. #homeschool #biblecurriculum #biblestudy #homeschooling #homeschoolcurriculum
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Using a good, solid homeschool Bible curriculum is the way we have done our Bible work in our homeschool for years. Almost everyone I know has one that they use, too.

It can be tricky finding the right curriculum, just like it is with any other subject. Is it teaching what I had wanted to cover? Is it teaching in a method that is best suited for myself and my kids?

Our Bible time was becoming a dread to my kids. They weren’t really learning anything, they weren’t enjoying this time, and they were starting to resent our Bible time. This is the last thing I wanted for our time in the Word! I want my kids to grow up with a love for the Bible.

Here’s a video of me chatting about why I don’t use a homeschool Bible curriculum. Don’t like videos? No problem! Just keep reading…

Year after year, we just weren’t finding the right fit for us. That’s when it hit me- There is never going to be a perfect homeschool Bible curriculum.


The Perfect Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Since I realized that no curriculum we use is going to be perfect, it gave me a very freeing feeling. I no longer had to search high and low for one to work.

“*Another Gasp* But, your kids need to learn about the Bible!” Okay, let me get to that.

You see, the very best Bible curriculum out there is the actual Bible! The Bible is perfect. It is the best resource for learning exactly what God wants us to learn. So, no extra fancy curriculum is needed.

homeschool bible curriculum

Using the Bible as our Curriculum

It’s really simple, isn’t it? The book that was written to teach us and to instruct us is the very book we use to learn.

I have learned that my kids tend to learn best through experiences. Having Bible study together everyday counts as one of those experiences. It creates a relaxed atmosphere where they are free to stop, ask me questions, and point out things that stick out to them as I read.

Learning the Bible doesn’t need to be hard. Reading comprehension doesn’t need to be measured by worksheets or tests. Let the learning come naturally by being in the Word everyday with your kids and praying with them. It’s really that simple.

We use my free bible study journaling plan to keep us in the Word everyday with a reading plan, memory verses, and journaling sheets so my kids can write down anything that stinks out to them. I’ve found that giving them a simple journal like this keeps their hands busy and their minds open to the reading.

homeschool bible curriculum

Using our Bible as a guide for our lessons

Another neat thing about not having a set curriculum for our Bible studies is that were able to take our reading and run with it.

We pull out a lot of the Hebrew words from the Old Testament and find their meanings. This makes some of the harder texts a lot more understandable for my little guys so they know why they’re hearing these big, funny names.

We head over to our map to see where things took place and get a visual of where it all happened. Although it’s not the same as our world today, they’re able to see what part of the world we’re talking about, what the countries were called then, and what they’re called now.

You’d be surprised at what your kids will point out or move you onto from your readings if you just give them the opportunity to soak up God’s Word as you read, instead of turning Bible time into another assignment.

homeschool bible curriculum

The Bible Isn’t Only for Adults

One of the biggest reason that I choose not use a homeschool Bible curriculum is because I just want my kids to get in the habit of being in the Word every single day. I’ve seen people argue that kids should be a certain age before reading a real Bible. They may not be mature enough for it. I mean, let’s face it, the Bible talks about some big people topics! Like sex, murder, adultery, sacrifice… it’s a lot for a little person.

1 Timothy 4:12 says “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you’re young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.”

Our kids can not only learn from the Word, but they can even set examples for us in how they act, what they learn, and what they can turn around and teach us!

The Gift of Using the Bible as our Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Making this change has been such a precious gift to me. It has transformed our days, transformed our lessons, and changed the way my kids look at the Bible. It went from a lesson they dreaded to a time they look forward to each day.

What do you use for you homeschool Bible curriculum? How do you keep your kids in the Word? Let me know in the comments below or in my online homeschool group. 

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  1. I began homeschooling my 16 year old daughter last year not knowing ANYTHING about curriculum. After much stress I have to agree that there is something very freeing about just getting back to basics with kids. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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