3 Reasons to use a literature based science in your homeschool

Literature based curriculum. You guys- It. Is. My Jam. I can’t get enough of all of the beautiful books that can go along with any topic in our homeschool, and science cannot be excluded here. Learning through literature can open up so many possibilities and actually keep kids engaged and wanting to learn more. Here are 3 reasons to use a literature based science in your homeschool.

3 Reasons to use a Literature Based Science in your Homeschool. Come see what those reasons are and how BookShark Science helped us achieve this in our homeschool. #BookShark #ScienceCurriculum #literaturebasedscience #literaturebasedcurriculum
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Why Choose a Literature Based Science?

There is no shortage of great science curriculum options out there. I should know- we’ve tried quite a few in our years homeschooling! But, like other subjects, using a science curriculum that is designed around quality literature is what we have chosen to use and why we have had so much fun using BookShark Science! Here are 3 reasons why this curriculum has been a great fit for us and why we choose literature based science in our homeschool.

1. Using literature for science gives us the opportunity to pull information from many quality books

Having quality books in my home and my homeschool is a priority for me. I love having classics and beautiful books available for my kids to use on a regular basis. This gives us the opportunity to get information from many different places as opposed to one textbook. I feel that this helps kids down the road learn how to research. Think about it: when you’re in high school and college, you’re expected to find information from more than one source when you learn about a topic, not just rely on your class textbook. So, why do we deprive our kids of that when they’re young? You can learn different points of view and have a more well rounded education by using literature based curriculum.

BookShark Science books for a rich litearture experience

BookShark Science has given us this opportunity in our homeschool, without me having to put in all the work to dig into what books we should use! We have been using level C (formerly known as level 2), which includes books that focus on topics in Life Science, Meteorology, and Mechanical Technology. Beloved books from Usborne and Magic School Bus are just some of what make up this curriculum, and what make my kids excited to do science! Which brings me to my next point…

2. Using real books keeps my kids engaged

Let’s face it. Textbooks can be very dry. Yes, they can be filled with wonderful pictures and tons of information, but the monotony of the same type of textbook or manual that kids are expected to use all year brings my children to boredom pretty quickly. Using real books helps to keep my kids engaged because there’s something new and fun to explore often throughout the school year.

BookShark Science Kit has everything we need for our literature based science studies

The great thing about BookShark Science is that it uses real books, and uses those as a spine to get hands on in our science, which is a must in our homeschool! Their science packages come complete with a science kit so you can read the books then get hands on with planned experiments, including the materials you will need. You mean I don’t have to go hunt down balloons and glitter in my school cabinet? Y’all, BookShark has saved this mom’s sanity with having this kit available (since I’m known to never plan lessons ahead and work on a more open-and-go homeschool method in my house).

3. Literature based science allows us to do school together

One of the things I always tell other homeschoolers to reduce stress in their homeschool is to combine subjects as much as possible. BookShark makes this super doable for us. Level C is designed for ages 7-9, but both my 7 and 11 year olds did this science together and it was perfect. BookShark even has extra student sheets available to purchase at an extremely affordable price so that you can make this curriculum stretch to do with more than one kiddo at a time. Total win for this relaxed homeschool mom!

BookShark Science allows us to do school together!

Having a literature based science fits right in with our Charlotte-Mason inspired, relaxed homeschool. It allows us to easily add to our morning basket to sit down and read together before venturing off and exploring through experiments and hands on learning. Do you use literature based science in your homeschool? Share about your experience in the comments or in my online homeschool community.

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  1. Love this post. Keeping kids engaged leads to unbelievable learning. It’s so true that when kids are engaged and motivated to learn, you never know where it will lead. And using literature is such a great tool because as they get older, hopefully they’ll apply the lessons they find in books to their real lives! Thanks for the great post!

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