A Journey through Psalms: Free 30 Day Bible Study

When times get tough, it’s easy to let anxieties creep in and start to fear. The best way to handle this is to turn to the Lord. Whenever I go through a tough season, I have two choices: I can sit and let that worry fester and start eating me alive, or I can get on my knees and pray. When we turn to the Word during difficult times, God gives us the answers we need, speaks to us in a way only He can, and He has the power to calm our anxious hearts. Right now, more than ever, we need to come together to read our Bibles and fellowship together! I’ve created a free 30 Bible Study- A Journey through Psalms, to help us dive into the Word.

 A Journey through Pslams is a free Bible study with a reading plan and journaling pages to complete over 30 days. Let's dive into the gospel together as homeschool moms! #freebiblestudy #homeschoolmom #biblestudy #psalmstudy
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Tips to help you along during this free Bible Study

Going through the entire book of Psalms may seem daunting, but I challenge you to do this along with me! Five chapters a day will be very manageable (except that day with Psalm 119, we will power through that day with a beautifully long Bible reading time!). I know that life happens, so even if you don’t get through all of the chapters before our live chats, please still join us and share what’s on your heart from what you have read. Here are some notes you can take while you’re going through the study:

General Notes

Jot down what is set on your heart as you read through the Psalms. What questions do you have? How does this chapter relate to your life right now? How does what is being said make you feel? Psalms go through a range of emotions- anger, confusion, and pure joy. How do you feel after reading what the writers are sharing from their own journies?

I am going to be reading a Bible commentary along with my studies just for a little added lesson. Feel free to dive in however you want. Don’t have a Bible? Get a free Bible app on your phone!


As you read, write down prayers that come to you. Maybe it’s for your own situation, maybe it’s for the world around us, or even for a specific person or situation. This is also a great place to write down any prayer requests from our group chat.

Key Verses

Usually when I read the Bible, one or two verses will stick out to me from the rest. Write these down a you go along in your reading for you to refer back on or to share with the group.

Get your free Bible Study printable

I’ve put together these free printables to make it easier for you to take notes while reading through the Psalms. Print them off and join in! You can get them by subscribing to my e-mails, where the password for the Subscriber’s Studio will be sent to you. (For those that have already subscribed, you can log in to the Subscriber’s Studio at any time!)

 A Journey through Pslams is a free Bible study with a reading plan and journaling pages to complete over 30 days. Let's dive into the gospel together as homeschool moms! #freebiblestudy #homeschoolmom #biblestudy #psalmstudy

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4 thoughts on “A Journey through Psalms: Free 30 Day Bible Study

  1. Christine, I don’t think your links to your freebies is working. I was trying to get the bible study. Is that still available?

    1. It is still available! If you’re already a subscriber, you will not receive another welcome email. You can go straight to the Subscriber’s Studio linked in this post and put in the password to access all of my freebies (the password is on the bottom of every one of my emails sent you). If you are a new subscriber, be sure to check your promotional emails or spam folder too, just in case!

  2. Hello I am a Prison Support Specialist I need these Bible Studies to help some women and men in the prison. Can you please send me some?

    1. Hey, Tracy! This Bible study is free. You can subscribe to get it, download, and print as many copies as you’d like for your ministry. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus in this way!

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