Beautiful Picture Books to read in the month of May

May is here! Another month means another list of the beautiful picture books to add to your home. With spring in full gear, there is so much to look forward to, such as learning about birds who are likely nesting in your yard, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Here is a fantastic picture book list that you can enjoy in the month of May!

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Picture Books about Birds

Nests, Eggs, Birds

This gorgeously illustrated reference book is one of the main books in Rabbit Trails through Science. It has amazing facts, complete with a small glossary for easy definitions access. The book is split up into three sections: Nests, Eggs, and Birds (hence, the title!) Seriously, though. The illustrations are the star of the show in this reference book. It’s a must have!

An Egg is Quiet

This nature book series by award winning illustrator Sylvia Long and author Diana Hutts Aston is one to gather all of the books from! An Egg is Quiet is such a sweet look into eggs of all shapes and sizes.

Have You Seen My Duckling?

Follow this mother duckling and her babies as they search for the missing duckling! This Caldecott Award winning book by Nancy Tafuri is an instant favorite.


This book has such a great message! The lyrical text and colorful, yet simple, illustrations will win over your heart as much as birds do with their unique differences and beautiful songs. Enjoy celebrating birds and the peaceful joy that they bring.

Picture Books for Mother’s Day

A Chair for my Mother

When tragedy strikes, this family works together to buy a chair that they can all enjoy. Another Caldecott Award winning book is sure to not only work to celebrate mothers and families, but to teach an amazing lesson in working hard and empathy, as well.

I’ll Love You Forever

Get the tissues ready!! I have memories of my mom reading this to me and tearing up while she did so. I never understood it until I read it to my kids for the first time and couldn’t even get through it! It’s a running joke in our house that this book makes mom cry, but I’ll read it over and over again through the tears, as this book about the journey through motherhood and watching our children grow up will never grow old.

Are You My Mother?

Another family favorite for us, Are You My Mother is such a sweet and silly story of a baby bird’s adventures when he falls from the nest. From finding a kitten, a cow, and even a SNORT, the bird’s search for his mother ends with the mother never even knowing he was gone, but the baby bird being so thankful when his mother returns.

Picture Books for Memorial Day

The Poppy Lady

Being a military spouse, Memorial Day has always been an important holiday to me. It is one where too many of my friends remember those they loved and lost. The Poppy Lady made sure that we always remember, and this book tells how she worked tirelessly during WWI to do just that.

America’s White Table

Seeing a solitary white table with a single table setting may not be something that the average American sees when out at a restaurant, but these white tables don restaurants in military towns and mess halls around the country. In this book, Katie’s mom helps explain to her the importance and symbolism of America’s White Table.

The Wall

A boy and his father visit the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. to find his grandfather’s name. This story takes readers to the memorial itself and what it is like to visit it in person, what they may find while they are there, and how many just like them go to pay respect to those who were killed or missing in action in the Vietnam War. Such a hard, yet important, topic to discuss with our children, as many do not undertstand the sacrifices behind Memorial Day.

Beautiful Picture Books for May

These are, of course, just a few books to enjoy in the month of May! What are some books you would add to the list? Let me know in the comments or in my online homeschool community.

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