Our Roadschooling Journey

We love to travel. This is actually a fairly new love for me. We bought a camper a few years ago, but it was mostly my husband’s thing that I went along with because he was so excited about it. Little did I know that I would want this to be a way of life and that my goal would become roadschooling my children. Here is our roadschooling journey!

Our Roadschooling Journey. How we use our travels to educate our children in our homeschool. #roadschooling #homeeducation #rvlife
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I’m joined by my 6 year old to talk about roadschooling in the video below! Videos aren’t your thing? No worries! Just keep on reading…

A year and a half ago, we upgraded our pop-up camper for a 23′ travel trailer. This isn’t a big and luxurious camper by any means, but it fit our growing family and would allow us to travel across the country during our upcoming move from California to North Carolina easily.

The unintended start in our roadschooling journey

We took three weeks to tour the country on our way across the states and it has changed my life. I didn’t know it would at the time we were traveling, but very soon after we decided this is the kind of life style we are longing for.

Our kids earned so many Junior Ranger badges during our trip. It sparked a love of learning about history and science in them like nothing else I’ve ever seen! Sure, reading about history and doing science experiments at home is great, but seeing things first hand is amazing.

Our roadschooling journey

Since taking this trip, we have been on many mini-adventures over the past year. We try to take advantage of every three day weekend we have, and any opportunity my husband can take off work for us to hit the road, we go. All of our school calendar and activities revolve around us traveling when we’re able to.

Our hope and dream is to live in an RV full time and tour 49 states over a year. We won’t be able to achieve this until my husband can retire from the military in four more years, but the planning is already in motion.

Roadschooling- The book

I recently picked up a copy of Roadschooling by Nancy Sathre-Vogel from a good friend of mine. This book is so simple, but breaks down how to make Roadschooling possible. She discusses how to work on different subjects while on the road (they BIKED while roadschooling- now that’s dedication to travel!), and there are also stories from different families and their experiences. It’s free to get if you have Kindle Unlimited, so it’s worth checking out!

How do you roadschool?

Now, you don’t have to live in an RV full time or bike across the country, or half of the world in their case, in order to roadschool your kids. It’s all about a living education. Visiting museums, going out in nature, and seeing everything your community has in store for you. Learning about the underground railroad in a home that actually housed run away slaves is going to leave more of an impression in your children than anything they can learn in a school book (I say this from first hand experience from a house I visited as a child and still have memories of!).

Roadschooling simply is going out and learning about things in the real world. You can research and read about places before going and turn your travels into lessons. You can write in journals or research papers about places you have visited. You can talk with people from different places and learn different perspectives than you could within the four walls of your home.

While we anxiously wait for our roadschooling journey across the country, we are roadschooling as much as we’re able to in the mean time. We’ve already met some really neat people and have seen some amazing places. I encourage you to plan a trip with your family this year. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a simple trip, even somewhere in the next town over. Learn something new with your family and see what roadschooling can do for your homeschool.

You can find lots more resources and stories of our roadschooling adventures by clicking the image below!

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