How to Homeschool on Vacation

I don’t know if you know this, but we LOVE to travel. Love it. We get away at every opportunity we can. Being homeschoolers makes this easier, as we can literally just pick up and school from everywhere. But, usually, we don’t do our normal course work while we’re on the road. Here is how we homeschool on vacation.

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Read about where you’re going

This is a no brainer. There are so many great books out there about so many people, places, and things that you can almost always find a book on it. Or at least a short YouTube video. Something.

Our last short trip we took to the Outer Banks and we learned all about the Wright Brothers. Not only did our boys earn another Junior Ranger badge (more about this in a minute), they requested to read more about them in the Who Were the Wright Brothers book.

The Who Was, What Was, Where Is books are awesome. These books have been amazing for our trips. I just found one on Milton Hershey to get ready for our upcoming trip to Hershey, PA. Seriously, check out the series of Who, What, Where books!

Junior Ranger Program

Depending on where you’re traveling, there are national and state parks all over. At these parks, you can take advantage of the Junior Ranger program.

This program involves getting a booklet at the visitor center, filling out a number of pages (how many is determined by age), usually attending some type of ranger talk or watching a short movie, and then turning them back in to a Ranger to receive a super cool badge with the location name on it.

Learn more about what a Junior Ranger is here!

These booklets and packed with educational information! My kids learn so much about the location, whether it be about nature, a historical location, about a person… They’re phenomenal.

We’re starting to get so many badges that I had to create banners to display them on. You can also get vests to display your badges on. (You can also earn badges at home through the Junior Ranger website!)

Homeschool on vacation by journaling

Creating a journal of your trip is a fantastic way to sneak some school in. It allows your kids to practice their writing and storytelling skills without even realizing they’re doing school. Journals like this Discover the World Travel + Field Trip Journal even add in things like weather and geography, too. Be sure to keep journaling fun so your kids look forward to it and not a chore. The more they enjoy it, the more it’ll show in their journaling!

field trip and travel journal

Work on geography

You may think the license plate game is a thing of the past, but I challenge you to play it on your next trip! Especially when you use a map that requires your kiddo to mark off the states geographically on the map, like the one I am posting below (and giving you for free!)

Something else we love to do since we travel so much is so use a scratch off map in our camper. Each new state we visit (even if we just drive through it…we usually make sure we at least stop for gas to say we stopped there), our kids are able to scratch off the state.

FREE License Plate Game Printable!

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Enjoy what the location has to offer

It’s as simple as that- enjoy it! Turn those phones off (other than for pictures…take lots of those), talk to the people in charge, ask questions, enjoy nature, soak up the world around you. There’s no better way to learn than to let the world be your guide. So, go out there and explore it!

Can’t make it out of town but still want to learn about far away places?

Sometimes leaving town can’t happen. Either your schedule won’t allow or finances are too tight. I get it! You can travel to your national parks today with Rabbit Trails through the Parks. Visit several of the National Parks by reading great books, getting hands on, and learning together.

Rabbit Trails through the Parks

Join my online homeschool community and let me know your favorite places to explore in your homeschool!

 Find more roadschooling resources and stories of our adventures by clicking the image below.

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  1. Our family loves to cruise! We love to visit various places! Seeing and learning new places has been easy and fun this way

    1. I have not done any cruises yet! I’ve seen one that is four months long where you visit 22 countries, I believe. That has become my bucket list cruise!

    1. I’m so sorry, Barb! I’ve been having trouble with my sign up forms lately. I just went in and changed it, so it should work now.

  2. Thank you for the license plate map! I would love to travel and see so much more of the world but we can’t. You got to have money for that. That cruise you mentioned above in one of your other responses sounds amazing but scary too. I watch too much news.

    1. You’re very welcome! We’re in a season right now where we aren’t traveling much. It’s great to still explore local places and learn even more through books.

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