The Ultimate List of Homeschool Reading Resources

If you’re anything like me, then your entire homeschool is basically built around good reading material! This momma heart swells big time when I see my kiddos sitting down with a good book. Here is a collection of my favorite homeschool reading resources made just for all my fellow book lovers out there.

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Book of the Week

Each week I will share a book with you that we love in our home! Some may be seasonal, some will be classics, and some are those I grew up with and have passed onto my own kids! Be sure to check back each week to see what is added!

book of the week
  • Picture Books about Poetry: A beautiful poetry book list for kids
    I’m a sucker for poetry! I love adding it to my childrens’ lessons and I love browsing it myself, too. Give me a good poem by Emily Dickinson any day of the week. I’m also a lover and collector of picture books. Combine the two, and you better believe I[Read more]
  • The Ultimate List of Middle Grade Science Books
    Literature based education is my jam. I try to fit in as many books as we can throughout our school year. Forget the text books, I want real, living books! Picture books, novels, you name it. All of our Rabbit Trails through Science curriculum is filled with amazing pictures books[Read more]
  • A Beautiful Picture Book About the 100 Years War
    It can be so hard to find good, quality picture books for history sometimes. We search far and wide to find books on certain history topics and sometimes we come up short. When we couldn’t find a book on the 100 Years War, I took it upon myself to write[Read more]
  • The Ultimate List of Middle Grade History Books
    Literature based education is my jam. I try to fit in as many books as we can throughout our school year. Forget the text books, I want real, living books! Picture books, novels, you name it. All of our Rabbit Trails through History curriculum is filled with amazing pictures books[Read more]
  • 20 Picture Books About Native Americans
    Learning about Native Americans is important for many reasons. Not only do we get to learn about those that have come before us, but it’s important to learn about Native Americans throughout history through a lense of what really happened, not just the happy stories that are in many of[Read more]
  • 20 Picture Books About Space
    Space: The Final Frontier… Okay, I’m not actually a Trekkie, but I do love learning about space! It has always been a favorite subject of mine. I love star gazing, finding shooting stars, learning about planets, and space exploration. One of my favorite movies is Hidden Figures. I even happen[Read more]
  • 14 Picture Books about the National Parks
    We love exploring the parks! We have traveled to several of the National Parks over the years. Sometimes traveling across the country isn’t always an option, though. We can still travel to these parks through books! Plus, you can learn even more with Rabbit Trails through the Parks. Here are[Read more]
  • Aesop and More: 10 of the Best Picture Books about Fables
    I love adding fables to our reading collection. Not only are fables fun stories to read, but they have amazing examples of character traits and teach our children morals in a way they can follow and understand. Here are 10 of my favorite picture books about fables.
  • 20 of the Best Picture Books about American History
    American History is always a great topic to study in our homeschools. Nothing makes you more patriotic than learning about how our nation was founded! We want our children to learn all about the amazing founders of our nation, the documents that keep our society together, the American Revolution, and[Read more]
  • 20 Best Picture Books About Birds for Children of all ages!
    Using picture books in your nature studies can bring so much richness into your home! Birds are one of my favorite subjects to learn about because there are birds everywhere you go. They’re easy to study and see up close, and even easier to learn about with these 20 picture[Read more]
  • Summer Reading Book Ideas- Children’s Books to Read in June
    Summer is here and that means summer reading! Dig out the books and get to reading with your children. Most of us have either finished school and are on break or have relaxed our schedule which means that there’s more time to lay a blanket outside and read together as[Read more]
  • The Perfect Picture Books to Read in April
    I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pictures books. Finding seasonal books to add to our collection and our morning basket is a time consuming task, though! I’ve done all of the work for you with this list of perfect picture books to read in April. Enjoy reading together[Read more]
  • Free bedtime stories you can easily add to your child’s routine
    Picture it: It’s the end of the day and you’re getting your kiddos ready for bed. “Tell me a story, mom!” So you head over to the book shelf…. “No, a new story!” You look at your child with a blank look on your face. A new one?! Child, I[Read more]
  • Using Usborne Books in your Homeschool
    We believe in a relaxed, child-led approach to education allowing the kids to pursue their interests. Because of this, I like to have books on lots of various subjects available to them. When my kids have a question, my famous line is, “We have a book about that!” Books are[Read more]
  • Twaddle Books are Welcome in our Homeschool
    We’ve started adapting a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool over the past year. I love the relaxed ways of Charlotte Mason curriculum and the style of learning that comes along with it. But, one thing I just can’t accept is the rule about twaddle books. Sometimes, we just need silly nonsense[Read more]
  • Kid’s Books About the Ocean
    We dove into reading this month and learned all about the ocean. We’ve been living at the beach so natural learning started to happen and questions came up every day. We found some really cute books to learn about some favorite sea creatures. Here are eight kid’s books about the[Read more]
  • 25 Days of Christmas- Countdown to Christmas with this book list!
    Christmas is an awesome time of year to come up with all kinds of new family traditions. We have added a few to our family that we really love, including having 25 days of Christmas books! This is how we give the gift of reading to our kids in the[Read more]
  • Are You My Mother Craft
    We have been reading Are You My Mother for first grade reading. Whenever we read a book, a craft or activity to tie into it is a must! Here is our Are You My Mother craft from this past week.
  • Fish Bowl Craft
    My first grader has been having a great time with his reading and the crafts to go along with it! Our latest book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, has been a lot of fun. This fish bowl craft has been the perfect addition to our reading time!
  • First Grade Reading List
    Let’s talk reading lists! And I mean REAL reading lists. Books that your kiddo is expected to read. I feel like all of the reading lists I find, especially for the lower elementary years, are for read alouds. Now, read alouds are great! They are necessary. But, I need a[Read more]

Homeschool Reading Resources

I hope this list of homeschool reading resources has given you some great ideas for activities and books to check out soon. I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

For more resources, support and encouragement come join my relaxed homeschool community!

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