Homesteading Poetry- A Poetry and Picture Book For Kids

Poetry books can be such a lovely addition to your home library. They can take children on a short adventure to a different place and help them learn about a life outside of their own. We love including poetry in many of our Rabbit Trails lessons, so it was no surprise when we looked to add beautiful poetry to our new Homesteading unit. However, there wasn’t a single poetry picture book on Homesteading to be found! With the help of my son, we once again teamed up to bring you Homesteading Poetry, a poetry and picture book for kids.

Homestead Poetry. A poetry and picture book for kids. #poetry #homeschool #picturebook

As the sun rises on the homestead
you’ll hear the rooster crow.
A long day awaits us
as we perform the routine we know.

Whether you live in the city and want to take a trip to the farm from your own living room, or you live on a homestead yourself and can relate to each of the poems, your children will be delighted in this Homestead Poetry book.

Homestead Poetry book for kids

This is the second book that my son and I teamed up for! Just like when we couldn’t find a book about the 100 Years War, this time we couldn’t find a poetry book on homesteading. Such a simple project, yet possibly even more time consuming to make sure we grabbed the best poems about homesteading for you!

Books written by homeschoolers. Homestead Poetry Book, a picture poetry book for kids.

This Homestead Poetry book contains 9 poems to go along with all 9 of the lessons inside of our new Homesteading Science unit. There are some authors you’ll recognize, such as Beatrix Potter and Emily Dickinson. Plus, I wrote a brand new poem for the book, too.

Homestead Poetry Book: A picture book with poetry for children. A review of Homestead Poetry

Grab your own copy of Homestead Poetry to use in your homeschool for memorization and recitation, copywork, to go along with our Homesteading unit, or simply to enjoy!

Homestead Poetry Book: A picture book with poetry for children

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