20 Picture Books About Space

Space: The Final Frontier… Okay, I’m not actually a Trekkie, but I do love learning about space! It has always been a favorite subject of mine. I love star gazing, finding shooting stars, learning about planets, and space exploration. One of my favorite movies is Hidden Figures. I even happen to live in John Glenn’s home town! So, when it came time to write up another book list, space was on the top of my list. Here are 20 picture books about space you (okay, and your kids. This is for the kids…) are sure to love!

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Mysteries of the Universe by Will Gater

This book has the most amazing pictures! It is so fun to sit and look through! It works perfectly as the main book for Rabbit Trails through Science: Space. This book is jam-packed with information about the universe.

Comet, Stars, the Moon, and Mars by Douglas Florian

Poetry is a great add on to any unit. The poems are so fun in this book. I love how the poems are incorporated into the illustrations. It also has a glossary in the back for those unknown terms. 

Guide to the Universe by Institute of Creation Research

Are you looking for a book that helps teach apologetics? This is a great choice! It will not only help you teach your children what the Bible says about all the theories, but also how to defend the Bible. 

Starry Messenger by Peter Sis

Peter Sis is an amazing author and illustrator. He did a wonderful job telling the story of Galileo Galilei. The best part is he included Galileo’s own words from his journals. Definitely a must read.

Sun Up, Sun Down by Gail Gibbons

Gail Gibbons’s books are a wonderful addition to any lesson. The easy to understand words and illustrations help the child learn a ton from her books. 

Nicolaus Copernicus: The Earth is a Planet by Dennis B. Fradin

Nicolaus Copernicus was the astronomer that discovered that the sun was the center of the universe, not the Earth. This went against what was previously believed and it took more than a century for his discovery to be accepted by all.

On a Beam of Light by Jennifer Berne

Albert Einstein was a brilliant man. He could see and understand things in a way that others couldn’t. His discoveries are still being used today. Definitely a must read. 

Come See the Earth Turn by Lori Mortensen

Have you heard of the Foucault’s Pendulum? In the book, you will learn about Léon Foucault and how he used a pendulum to show how the earth rotates on its axis. 

On Earth by G. Brian Karas

This fun book takes you on a journey showing you all the great things about Earth. How the tilt of the axis causes seasons, how it takes 12 months to make a year, what we see at night and daytime, and so on. Your children will enjoy this book. 

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky

Enter into the world of math and science! In this book, we learn about the Greek philosopher and scientist Eratosthenes. Not sure who that is or why there’s a book about him? Head down the rabbit trail with this book to find out more about him.  

When the Moon is Full: A Lunar Year by Mary Azarian

The illustrations in this book are gorgeous! Mary Azarian shares the names of the twelve moons according to Native American tradition along with a poem for each month. It’s always interesting to learn about other cultures.

Mousetronaut on Mars by Mark Kelly

I love that this book is written by a real astronaut. The little mouse wants to travel to outer space so badly. He works hard and is finally chosen for a flight. Read all about his mission in this cute book. You can catch a YouTube read aloud of this book by Mark Kelly’s brother while he was in space!

Galileo’s Journal, 1609-1610 by Jeanne Pettenati

You will read fictional journal entries from Galileo Galilei after he builds his own telescope. He discovers the Milky Way, that the moon has mountains, and a strange formation of stars. 

The Boy Whose Head was Filled with Stars: A Life of Edwin Hubble by Isabelle Marinov

You may have heard about the Hubble Telescope, but do you know anything about the man it was named after? Edwin Hubble was always fascinated with the universe. His curiosity led to the discovery of other galaxies in our universe and others.

Newton’s Rainbow: Revolutionary Discoveries of a Young Scientist by Kathryn Lasky

We have all heard the story of the apple falling on Isaac Newton’s head which led to the discovery of gravity. But do you know what else he discovered in his lifetime? Check out this story to find out. 

The Girl Who Named Pluto by Alice B. McGinty

Did you know an eleven-year-old girl named Pluto? Venetia was listening to her grandfather read the newspaper about a ninth planet that was discovered. She thought the name Pluto fit based off of her knowledge of Roman mythology. Apparently the scientists that heard this name agree with her.

Caroline’s Comets by Emily Arnold McCully

Many people have heard of William Herschel, but his sister was also just as important.  Caroline would take notes for her brother as he watched the sky through the telescope. Caroline made her own discoveries too. She discovered two galaxies and a comet. She was the first woman to be employed as a scientist!

There Once was a Sky Full of Stars by Bob Crelin

Before there were all the street lights and other bright lights at night, you could see all the beautiful stars in the sky. This book is a great reminder that we need to turn down the brightness to see the beauty around us! 

Galaxies, Galaxies by Gail Gibbons

Another book by Gail Gibbons. I really have to add all her books! She does just a wonderful job of explaining some complex topics into easy terms for young children to understand. 

Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly

Since I love the movie about the famous women ‘computers,’ I had to add the book to this list. These four women had brilliant minds and worked for NASA during a time when it was hard being black, much less a woman. This is MUST READ!!!

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20 Picture Books About Space

What picture books about space would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments or in my online homeschool community.

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