Are You My Mother Craft

We have been reading Are You My Mother for first grade reading. Whenever we read a book, a craft or activity to tie into it is a must! Here is our Are You My Mother craft from this past week.

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We have been going through our First Grade Reading List and have had so much fun with it. Reading well known books at this age and make my son feel like he’s doing some big kid reading. I love the confidence it gives him!

Are You My Mother Craft

Since we were camping this week, we tied in our Are You My Mother craft with our surroundings. What can we use to make a craft in a campground? Pine needles! They were all around us, so we made our own little nests out of them.

Are You My Mother Craft

All you need for this craft is:
Pine needles (or twigs, straw, grass…whatever you have outside your front door)

He used a page in the book for inspiration and got to work.

Are You My Mother Craft

He glued his pine needles down on the paper. If you have a kid who doesn’t like a mess, they may get their hands just a little bit sticky doing this. Fair warning.

After his pine needles were down, he decided he didn’t want to draw the bird from the book, but wanted to draw a Robin’s egg instead. Go for it, kiddo!

Are You My Mother Craft

My fifth grader even joined in on the fun. (So much concentration!)

Are You My Mother Craft

Are You My Mother was one of my favorites growing up, so having my son read it to me was such a treat. Reading at this age doesn’t have to be super complicated. We read a handful of pages a day and always try to add some fun hands on activity along with it.

Are You My Mother Craft

This Are You My Mother craft is super simple, easy, and fun. Adding activities into your homeschool is as simple as walking out your front door and using what you have on hand!

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Are You My Mother Craft. Reading with my first grader is so much fun! Especially when we add in crafts like this one. Homeschool reading doesn't have to be something hard. Enjoy teaching your homeschooler to read by adding in fun crafts! #crafts #homeschooling #homerschooler #firstgrade #areyoumymother

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