When you hit the homeschool slump

We’ve all been there. We have a cold, a headache, or we simply don’t feel our best. We wonder how we’re ever going to get through these lessons without our head exploding.  What do you do when the homeschool lessons need done, but you can’t imagine doing anything else than curling up on the couch? What do you do when you hit the homeschool slump?

What do you do when you hit the homeschool slump? Create a homeschool schedule that works for you, call the shots in your homeschool, and allow real life learning to take over! #homeschool #homeschoolslump

You call the shots

Some days, we need to just give in and curl up. I know, I know. These things need to be done. I’ve never been a fan of “the dishes can wait until tomorrow” because that means we now have two days worth of dishes to do and it will make my anxiety go through the roof knowing those dishes are waiting. 

But, you know what? Your homeschool work doesn’t have to “add up”. YOU call the shots. YOU make the schedule. No one says that if you take today off you have to double up tomorrow. 

Create your own schedule

Sometimes, we hit seasons where we need more days off and that is okay. My favorite part of homeschooling has always been that we can create our own schedule. We can take those days off and we should feel zero guilt when we do so.

This is all a part of learning

We’ve taken days off to cultivate relationships. When I know my kiddo is having a hard time, sometimes they really need that break. They need extra time outside in the sun getting that much needed vitamin d and fresh air. They need extra time for cuddles. This is all a part of learning.

We’ve taken days off for extra holiday time. We’re taking 5 whole weeks off this year just to focus on Christmas! We’re taking this time to relax and rejuvenate after half of a school year of hard work. We’re making homemade gifts (okay, that’s mainly to save money, but my kids are so excited about giving these!!). This is all a part of learning.

We’ve taken days off for sickness. We’ve taken more days off for this than I would like lately, but with migraines taking over more often than I’d like, sometimes this is necessary. If you have chronic pain or illness, or just the seasonal illnesses going around right now, give yourself permission to rest. Give your kids permission to rest. Read a book. Rest. This is all a part of learning. 

Avoid a homeschool slump by refocusing

Between December and February is when homeschool burn out is at its highest. Give yourself permission during this time to rest. Refocus. Start something new and exciting to get away from the monotony of it all. Focus on relationship. Focus on hygge. Focus on the Lord. Focus on eachother. This is all a part of learning.

How do you like to refocus when you hit a homeschool slump? Let us know in our online homeschool community!

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