Do you need a homeschool room?

Do you need a homeschool room? When you first start homeschooling, you may have a lot of questions about how to set a space for your homeschool up. Let’s go through your options on why you may want, or not want, a homeschool room.

Do you need a homeschool room? Having a homeschool room is great and there are so many options! #homeschoolroom #homeschool

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Why having a homeschool room is great!

Why are homeschool rooms so great? I see all kinds of pinterest images of beautiful homeschool rooms and I get homeschool room envy! It makes me ready to refurbish our table and make the most beautiful room!

Having a dedicated homeschool room can be really handy. It can keep books off of your kitchen table so you’re not having to move them for every-single-meal.
Breakfast-move the books.
Lunch-move the books.
Dinner-move the books.
It can drive a mother mad! Having a homeschool room means your kids have a separate desk or table that they can lay their things out on without having to move them for meal times.

Having a homeschool room can help kids stay focused. Some children need that space to minimize distractions and to stay on task.

What to include in your homeschool room

When you have a homeschool room, you have a great space to store all of your supplies. Line those walls with book shelves and put posters all over those walls! You have the freedom to do that when you have a homeschool room without feeling like your whole house is a school room. I have a few things in my homeschool room that I absolutely love.

A fun table and chairs as the centerpiece of the room

Most homeschool rooms have a table and chairs as a place to do all of your lessons. One of my favorite ways to dress up the room is to get a used table (to me, used means that the table has been loved and has character!) and dress it up with some cute stools. These are the stools we have at our table and I love the pop of color they give! They’re also super easy to wipe off any markers, glue, paint, etc. that are inevitably going to get all over them with my artistic kiddos.

A large map or globe

Since you have the room with a dedicated homeschool space, having a map or globe are my must haves! These can be used in so many lessons for geography, science, and so much more. Having them available leaves a natural curiousity in my kids to go and research the different countries and naturally learn, as well.

A caddy for all of your supplies

This obviously isn’t a need, but definitely a want in my homeschool room! I love these adorable caddies to use for all of our crayons, pencils, and more! They’re such a great tool to have so that your kids can have access to all of their supplies without it looking like a mess. It’s decor, yet practical!

A Letter Board

Again, this is not essential in your homeschool room, but it is SO fun! I love our letter board! We display funny messages to each other, famous qoutes, I have used it for memory verses, and fun holiday displays. This is probably one of my favorite things I’ve added to our homeschool room because you can personalize it so easily and change it constantly.

Why you don’t need a homeschool room…

A homeschool room may not be doable for you, and that’s okay! I’ve actually had homeschool rooms in two houses now and have NEVER used them for homeschooling. The posters on our walls were never looked at, and the space was just wasted.

Even though you may want one, your house may not be able to fit a homeschool room. Some great alternatives to having a homeschool room are using a cabinet, book shelf, or kitchen cabinet to store all of your supplies in.

My sons actually used to get more distracted sitting at a table away from everyone than they do when they’re in the same room with everyone. Some of our favorite places to homeschool are on the couch, in the car, and outside, so having a dedicated homeschool room wasn’t necessary for us. I do, however, LOVE my homeschool cabinet! We house all of our books, manipulatives, pencils, crayons, etc. in there. And it’s so pretty and green!

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Do you have a homeschool room? Share what you do in the comments or in my online homeschool community!

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