Is Rabbit Trails through Literature a Full Language Arts Curriculum?

Rabbit Trails through Literature has been around for a little bit now. Hundreds of families have enjoyed adding this rich, literature based language arts to their homeschools! I’ve had the question asked many times, though: Is Rabbit Trails through Literature a full Language Arts curriculum? Let’s unpack this together so you can see exactly how Rabbit Trails through Literature works and why it is such an incredible option for your homeschool!

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Rabbit Trails through Literature is a full curriculum…and can also be used as a supplement.

When I designed Rabbit Trails through Literature, I was looking for something to use in my own home. I wasn’t looking to start a huge homeschool curriculum brand, but I simply wanted to share what I was using with my own children in case others were having trouble finding the same resources I was looking for, too!

Rabbit Trails through Literature is Charlotte Mason inspired. What this means is that the lessons are meant to be short, yet meaningful. It also means that literature is a big part of this curriculum! It was so important to me to share beautiful, well written books with other homeschoolers so that your children will get an amazing foundation when they learn through Rabbit Trails. Because of the Charlotte Mason approach, this curriculum is a great full curriculum for those who use this method or appreciate unit studies. It may also be a great supplement for those who enjoy a more traditional homeschool curriculum, but would like to add in some meaningful fun.

What does Rabbit Trails through Literature include?

Rabbit Trails through Literature includes 16 lessons in every volume. These lessons are meant to be used over two weeks, making it a full 32 week curriculum. This is the perfect amount of work for a full curriculum because it gives you additional weeks to explore more Rabbit Trails, take field trips, etc. This curriculum includes grammar studies, language concepts, story elements, and so much more. There are opportunities to get hands on in each lesson, read additional books, and explore further with Rabbit Trails into topics in history, science, and more!

Because of how this curriculum is set up without a formal calendar for when to complete each part of each lesson (although I do provide a sample schedule for those of you who need to see what this looks like), you can easily tweak lesson so that they take either more or less time. This is why Rabbit Trails also work so great as a supplement! You can take the parts you want to use and leave the rest. Let this curriculum compliment what you’re currently using so that your children can be introduced to amazing literature and hands on learning.

What does Rabbit Trails through Literature not include?

Rabbit Trails does not include phonics or reading instruction. Using a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum, children are able to learn so much through copywork, which this curriculum has inside of every lesson. With copywork, they can learn naturally how words are spelled and practice with repitition.

How can you include phonics and spelling alongside Rabbit Trails?

Can you include other curriculum to work on phonics, spelling, and reading outside of Rabbit Trails? Absolutely! Because the lessons are short in design, you have plenty of time to cover these subjects if you choose to! I have one spelling resource for you, plus outside sources that I’ve come to know and love, and feel like they compliment Rabbit Trails so perfectly.

1. My Spelling Journal

This is a brand new spelling curriculum from Rabbit Trails! My Spelling Journal comes in five levels that are perfect for your first through fifth grader. Each level comes with 32 weeks worth of spelling words, so it can be right alongside Rabbit Trails through Literature. It also comes jam packed with ideas to get hands on, including a print out of Bun, our little bunny in our logo!

my spelling journal

2. Dash Into Learning

This reading curriculum comes with 10 gorgeous reader books for your children to learn to read. They’re all watercolor paintings by a small, homeschool mom based company! It also includes words to work on and phonics skills, so you could use this combined with Rabbit Trails through Literature to have more than enough to cover reading, spelling, and phonics between the books and copywork. (Plus, you can save 20% on ALL Dash Into Learning reading sets with the code RABBITTRAILS)

3. All About Learning Press

This is a super well known curriculum and I’ve loved promoting them over the years! They’re an amazing company, and seeing the “behind the scenes” in the homeschool world, not all of the big companies are, so I’m always so thrilled to promote them! All About Reading is fantastic and compliments to Rabbit Trails well. This will give your child a great reading foundation if you are wanting to incorporate the “rules” behind learning to read.

Make Rabbit Trails through Literature work for your homeschool!

Whether you plan on using Rabbit Trails through Literature as a full curriculum or as a supplement, some things are sure to happen- you will read amazing literature, your children will have fun learning, and you will be amazed by where the Rabbit Trails lead you!

A fun Parts of Speech Freebie for you!

Want a fun way to learn parts of speech? This journal matched up with the different grammar and language arts concepts we use in Rabbit Trails through Literature. It’s perfect to use alongside our curriculum, or to review different parts and figures of speech. There’s plenty of work for copywork, too! Get your free download by signing up below. Already a subscriber? Get your copy in the subscriber’s studio!

Continue down the Rabbit Trail!

Want to learn about even more Rabbit Trails? There are options for History, Science, National Parks, and Holidays, too!

Do you use Rabbit Trails as a full curriculum or as a supplement? Let us know down in the comments or in my online homeschool community.

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