Picture Books to Read in November- Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and more!

As the weather cools off, I want to cuddle up and read more books! Lucky for you, I have an entire list of great picture books to read in November. Books about Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and Election Day are all available below. Enjoy them together this November!

As the weather cools off, I want to cuddle up and read more books! Lucky for you, I have an entire list of great picture books to read in November. Books about Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, and Election Day are all available below. Enjoy them together this November! Picture Books for Thanksgiving. Picture books for Veterans Day. Picture Books for the election. Childrens books for thanksgiving. Children's books for Veterans Day. Children's Books for Election Day. Literature based learning. Charlotte Mason Reading list. Homeschool reading. #picturebooks #homeschooling

Picture Books about Thanksgiving:

The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh

I love the books by Alice Dalgliesh. This story shares what the journey was like on the Mayflower for three children. They were so excited to make it to the New World. After arriving, they discovered that there were even worse challenges to face such as hunger, cold, and sickness. The pilgrims were able to survive with the help of the Native Americans. This book is also the main book that goes along with our Rabbit Trails through Thanksgiving lesson!

Three Young Pilgrims by Cheryl Harness

Cheryl Harness’s books have such amazing illustrations! I especially love how this book has a map and diagram of the Mayflower. The illustrations really help history come alive! Harness tells the story of what living in the Plymouth colony was like and how their two friends, Samoset and Squanto, helped them all survive. This book is the main book for our Pilgrims lesson inside of Rabbit Trails through History: Early Settlers.

Thank You, Sarah by Laurie Halse Anderson

This is such an interesting story that many have not heard! Sarah Hale wanted Thanksgiving to be a national holiday. She wrote to president after president trying to make that happen. Finally after thirty-five years, she was successful. This is a great story to help teach perseverance to children!

People of the Breaking Day by Marcia Sewall 

There are so many Thanksgiving books available, but very few from the Native Americans’ perspective. The Wampanoag tribe lived in southeastern Massachusetts where the pilgrims claimed as their new home in the New World. This book shares the meeting of these two very different cultures.

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Picture Books about the Election:

So You Want to be President? By Judith St. George

Hilariously illustrated by David Small, this story shares quirks and facts about past presidents. The newer edition of this book is updated to include up to our forty-second president, George W. Bush. This book will help children realize that everyday people can become president! It is also one of the main books in Rabbit Trails through Literature Volume 1, where you will go on an entire Rabbit Trail learning about the election.

The Next President by Kate Messner 

Who will be the next president? Maybe you! This book is full of facts about what each president did before they became President of the United States. It is written in a fun way to engage children. 

If I Were President by Catherine Stier

Who wouldn’t want a bowling alley or movie theater in their own house? Catherine Stier does a great job of going through each job the president does. She also makes it understandable for children. 

One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote by Bonnie Worth 

Cat in the Hat always makes this more interesting with his rhymes. This book does a great job of explaining all the ins and outs of elections and why they are important. It also explains how a democracy works and the political parties. Definitely worth reading!

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Picture Books about Veteran’s Day:

Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood by Valerie Pfundstein 

I love how this book points out the everyday people who are veterans. It helps children to realize that anyone could protect our country. The author included real pictures at the end of this book of veterans in her own neighborhood. Do you have any veterans in your neighborhood?

Night Catch by Brenda Ehrmantraut

We were given this book during one of my husband’s deployments. This book is such a heartwarming story to read to children when their dad or mom is deployed. I had a hard time reading it without crying. Definitely a must read for military families!

Tucky Jo and Little Heart by Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco is an amazing author and illustrator! She does a great job making the reader feel like they are right there along with the characters. This book touches my heart as it shares the relationship created between Tucky Jo and Little Heart. It also shows the heartbreak that happens during wars.

Sergeant Reckless: The True Story of the Little Horse Who Became a Hero by Patricia McCormick

I had to include this story not just for the great story but also for the AMAZING illustrations. I could look at this book over and over again! Sergeant Reckless was such a brave horse who became the only animal to receive two Purple Hearts. 

Picture books to read in November

I hope you love this list of picture books! Which is your favorite, or what would you add to the list? Let us know in our online homeschool community or down in the comments!

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