Rabbit Trails through Science: A Literature Based Nature Curriculum

Rabbit Trails has gained a new subject… Science! Hands on, literature based science lessons, all focused on amazing nature studies. Let’s learn more about Rabbit Trails through Science.

Rabbit Trails through Science. A brand new homeschool science curriculum where your child will learn through literature and nature studies to gain a wonderful understanding of our world! #naturestudy #sciencecurriculum #rabbittrails

Rabbit Trails through Science

Rabbit Trails through Science is set up in the same way as the beloved Rabbit Trails through Literature. This time, there are core books that your family will use through out your nature studies, with the same Rabbit Trails that we all love.

This year, Rabbit Trails through Science will be all about BIRDS! We will learn about these amazing creatures by studying what makes them so special, plus about a few species to dig in even deeper.

What Books are a Part of the Curriculum?

Our bird study will be taking place within four books as the foundation of the curriculum. These books will show amazing pictures and information, give a beautiful read aloud option to add into your day, and poetry to finish it all off for copywork or a delightful poetry teatime in your home! You can get all of your books in one convenient location inside of my Amazon Storefront.

Explanatorium of Nature

This book is chalk full of information!! We will be using this not only for our bird study, but for future Rabbit Trails through Science lessons as well. It’s an amazing resource book to include in your homeschool and is sure to be well loved!

Nests, Eggs, Birds

This is another wonderful reference book that will be used throughout the curriculum. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and there are is also a wonderful glossary in the back to help with vocabulary and definitions.

The Burgess Book of Birds

This classic is included as a read aloud to be enjoyed throughout your time learning about birds. You will learn amazing facts about different birds throughout the story to add enrichment to your studies!

On Wings of Song

This book is full of poetry all about birds! These poems will be included in the copywork sections of each lesson, plus you can have a fun poetry tea time reading them, too.

What’s included?

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Rabbit Trails through Science is a full year science curriculum. There are 16 lessons that are designed to take 2 weeks each to complete. View a sample schedule below!

Each lesson includes:

-lessons from the main books
-journaling and observation
-hands on activities and experiments
-and, of course, Rabbit Trails with suggestions of additional books and exploration into our topics and discovery of birds!

Rabbit Trails through Science – Birds

All lessons will include:

-Introduction to Birds
-Feathers & Wings
-Egg Anatomy
-Beaks & Bills

View a sample lesson below!

-Peacocks & Courtship
-Coastal Birds
-Birds in Mythology
-Endangered and Extinct Species

Free Rabbit Trails through Science Lessons!

Want to get a taste of what to expect in Rabbit Trails through Science? Check out these free lessons!

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A free nature lesson about spring from Rabbit Trails through Science. Go up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt with this new free nature lesson. Learn all about spring in your homeschool. Free homeschool nature lesson. Free lesson about spring. Free spring unit study. Free homeschool unit study. Free homeschool nature study. #homeschool #naturestudy
free science lesson about fireflies

Add even more to your Science lessons!

Scripture Memory Cards are available to add to your lessons! There are cards that correspond with every lesson’s Bible copy work. Grab yours today to add another beautiful piece to Rabbit Trails through Science!

What are other people saying about Rabbit Trails through Science?

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Rabbit Trails through Science Review
Rabbit Trails through Science Review

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Future Volumes of Rabbit Trails through Science to be released Spring 2022- Reptiles and Amphibians!

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