When you hit the homeschool slump

What do you do when you hit the homeschool slump? Create a homeschool schedule that works for you, call the shots in your homeschool, and allow real life learning to take over! #homeschool #homeschoolslump

We’ve all been there. We have a cold, a headache, or we simply don’t feel our best. We wonder how we’re ever going to get through these lessons without our head exploding.  What do you do when the homeschool lessons need done, but you can’t imagine doing anything else than curling up on the couch? What do you do when you hit the homeschool slump?

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Five Easy Self Care Ideas for Homeschool Moms

5 easy self care ideas for the homeschool mom

I am super guilty of not getting the self care that I need. I always see pictures of women who spend the day at the spa, go out for pedicures, or even spend a weekend away from home. These are all great ways of getting self care, but they’re not for me. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive, or even have anything to do with pampering your body. I’m not one for mud masks and bath soaks. I don’t like spending money at the spa. So, how do you get self care as a homeschool mom?

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