Free Valentine’s Book Marks for your little book lover!

My kids look forward to Valentine’s Day every year. They absolutely love getting together with their friends and doing a Valentine exchange. Every year we try to look for free or inexpensive ways to make our Valentines. Since we’re all about great books here at Rabbit Trails, creating some free Valentine’s book marks seemed like the greatest idea since sliced bread! You can grab them for free for your book lover to give out this year.

Free Valentine Book Marks for your book lover! Free Valentine download. Free Valentine's for kids. Free Valentine's Day. #valentines #homeschool #freebie

Homeschoolers do Valentine’s Exchanges?

We’ve never had a year that we don’t do an exchange! We’ve always been a part of some type of homeschool group. Whether it’s been park groups or co-ops, we’ve always gathered with friends. There’s something about Valentine’s Day that gets them super pumped. Maybe it’s all the sugar and red food dye… but either way, this is a holiday they always look forward to and a favorite of one of my littles.

Finding free Valentine’s resources

One thing that makes Valentine’s Day so fun is looking for new ideas every year of what to make. My kids have come up with some really creative mail boxes for their V-day loot! We’ve had trash cans turned into monsters. Tissue Boxes made into race cars. Tin cans and shipping boxes made into robots… They love every second of it. Valentine’s seem to almost be an afterthought after the mailbox for us. We still stive to make them nearly free or inexpensive. Those store bought Valentine’s can add up FAST. Do that times 4 kids and it can put a dent in your pocket book.

Free Valentine’s Book Marks

That’s why I wanted to create these free Valentine’s book marks! I wanted a next-to-free way for you to celebrate in a way that your kids will still love. You can cut these book marks out and give them as-is. You can punch a hole in the top and add some yarn or embroidery floss for a tassle. You can even be extra and add a cool multi-color pen for the kids to color them in. Whatever you decide to do, all you need is some card stock and a printer and you’ll be all set. (My favorite printer is this Canon printer... the ink lasts for YEARS! And I print a lot of Rabbit Trails curriculum!)

Free Valentine Book Marks for your book lover! Free Valentine download. Free Valentine's for kids. Free Valentine's Day printable. #valentines #homeschool #freebie

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