My Sermon Notes Journal for Kids in Church

At our church, our kids “age up” to sit in the sanctuary when they hit 6th grade. They have amazing, age appropraite classes for preschool through elementary. This past Sunday, my son aged up and joined us for the regular church service for the first time. Oh, how they grow! I wanted something to help keep him focused and to make these new adult sermons helpful to him, so I created My Sermon Notes Journal to help him and the other kids in our church. Now, it’s available for your kids, too!

Sermon Notes Journal for Kids. #biblestudy #kidsbible

My Sermon Notes Journal is simple, yet just enough to get your kids thinking in church. It was such a delight to hand them out to the four 6th graders that aged up together. We have a small church, so it was really special that there was a whole group of kids that aged up together!

Middle School age kids are such a cool age because they’re truly becoming big kids with lots of new milestones. These children joining us in the sanctuary really marked that “coming of age” for them.

sermon notes journal for kids

I modeled our own church service to create this journal, but it can be used in any church. My Sermon Notes Journal has spaces for the title of the sermon, prayer requests, songs you sing, questions, and the key point, or main idea, of the sermon. There is also plenty of room to write down key Scripture and notes.

sermon notes journal for kids

Whether your kids stay in the service from birth, or don’t go into service until after they graduate high school, this Sermon Notes Journal can be a great tool for kids of all ages! It is my prayer that it will help organize your child’s thoughts as they participate in the service and grow in Christ. You can grab your own copy of My Sermon Notes Journal for just $8 today.

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