Online Math Curriculum for the Entire Family

I’ve been looking all over for an online math curriculum that we can use that will help take something off of my plate. Something that won’t take all day to accomplish, but that my kids will still be learning everything they need to know. CTCMath gave me everything I needed in an online math curriculum and the best part is that it works for the entire family.

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Online Math Curriculum for the Entire Family

CTCMath is such a great option for homeschool families! I loved that I only had to get one membership for our entire family to be able to utilize the curriculum. My kid were able to each have their own profiles (that they can even personalize with fun colors!) and I can keep track of all of their scores in my parent profile.

online math curriculum CTCMath

A problem we had with the other math curriculum we had been using was that it seemed like it took forever to go over lessons and to accomplish all of the work. We needed something that we would be able to teach the kids everything they needed to know in math, that they would actually enjoy, and that wouldn’t take up so much time. I was so thrilled with CTCMath hit each of these requirements for us.

Math my kids will enjoy

When kids don’t enjoy a subject, it shows. It shows in their attitude and in their work. There have been times where it has taken us longer to get lessons done just because they don’t like what they’re doing! Both of my boys have loved using CTCMath. They’ve totally followed all of the lessons and there have even been days where they’ve asked to go over the lesson again for fun, or to even do multiple lessons *insert mind blown emoji here*

I think the biggest difference with CTCMath is that they’re hearing and seeing the lessons at the same time. They’re seeing what the numbers need to do and hearing the explanation, which helps them grasp the concepts really fast.

online math curriculum CTCMath

My oldest son’s favorite part was the Times Tables Shoot ‘Em Up game. This takes times tables and turns it into FUN. Kids can shoot the answers with their rockets and have to try to beat the clock. I will admit, I played it, too!

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Math that works on both mastery and spiraling approaches

These terms are what most homeschoolers ask me about. They want to know if the math they’re going to look at is going to use a mastery approach or a spiraling approach. I personally feel CTCMath uses both!

How can a math have both a mastery and spiraling approach at the same time? CTCMath lessons work on a mastery approach. Your kids can re-do the lessons as many times as they need until they’ve gotten the concept down pat. Each week, you can have your kids use the Weekly Revisions, which is a review of what they’ve learned so far. This is where the spiraling approach comes in.

online math curriculum CTCMath

You can choose to use these weekly revisions as a test of sorts, but I personally love using it as review. This helps keep their skills they’ve learned in the past sharp so they don’t forget anything as time goes on. You can also choose to print this from a PDF file if you prefer to have them use paper and pencil as a part of their math lessons, too. This makes this homeschool mom happy!

Online math curriculum that is affordable!

Y’all, let’s be honest. Affordability is important in a homeschool when you are teaching multiple kids! CTCMath offers homeschooling families a massive 60% discount from regular price. Purchase any 12 Month Membership and receive a bonus 6 months for FREE! (total 18 months). This is just awesome! You can also use a free trial before buying to see if CTCMath will be a good fit for your family.

CTCMath Giveaway!

Right now, CTCMath is also doing a giveaway! One family will have a chance to win a free one year membership for their homeschool. You can enter below. Good luck!!

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Have you tried CTCMath? Let me know about it down in the comments or over on my online homeschool community.

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