Ignite wonder in your homeschool by using literature to teach geography

Using literature to teach geography may not be the first idea that most come up with when they think of a geography curriculum. When I think of geography, I think of maps, facts about different states and countries, and really…just plain old boring studies that I have no interest in (and my kids would have no interest in, either.) But, what if I told you that literature may be the very best tool in learning about geography in your homeschool?

Ignite Wonder by using literature to teach geography in your homeschool with Beautiful Feet Books! #geographycurriculum #charlottemasonhomeschool #beautifulfeetbooks
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Disclosure: I have received this product for free and was compensated for my time for writing this post. As always, I was not required to write a positive review and my opinions are the honest to goodness truth about a product I feel confident will help other homeschoolers in their journeys.

Using literature to teach geography

What would you do if you received a package with the most beautiful stack of books, a book full of art, a blank notebook just waiting to be filled, the most beautiful map book you’ve ever seen, and a teacher’s guide with simple, easy to follow, Charlotte Mason-inspired lessons in geography? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’d do a little happy dance as soon as you open it!!

Around the World with Picture Books Part 2 from Beautiful Feet Books is filled with all the things I mentioned above and whenever we dig it out of our homeschool cabinet, it makes me so excited to learn about geography! The books that are included are picked from the best of the best- many of them are Caldecott Award winners, others are classics, and most are known to be some of the best out there. We are total literature lovers over here, especially when we find an awesome curriculum that uses picture books, so this curriuclum was like finding gold to me!

Ignite Wonder by using literature to teach geography in your homeschool! #geographycurriculum #charlottemasonhomeschool #beautifulfeetbooks

Beautiful Feet Books is a company that uses literature to teach geography and all sorts of other topics in history. They have something for every age range, but using Around the World with Picture Books Part 2 has been a total joy in our home. It’s designed for elementary age students, but even my middle schooler joins in on the lessons.

Igniting wonder in your homeschool

When we try to teach using the kill and drill method, my kids would never be able to memorize the facts that they have about the countries that Around the World with Picture Books Part 2 covers. But, when we read about these countries, learn about the animals and nature in those areas, and artists that have lived there, my kids want to learn more. They head on over to the map on our wall and find where the country is. Where the cities are that are discussed in some of the books. What countries surround this foreign land. By reading and using litearture to teach geography, we’re igniting wonder in our homeschool.

Ignite Wonder by using literature to teach geography in your homeschool! #geographycurriculum #charlottemasonhomeschool #beautifulfeetbooks

Picture books open up a whole new world to kids when it comes to learning about geography. When you’d often just learn facts about places, picture books opens up so many avenues to learn about culture as well. Since there are multiple books for each country, this brings about a deeper learning and understanding in culture than you’d ever get while learning from a text book.

What’s included in Around the World with Picture Books 2?

Opening a box of curriculum from Beautiful Feet Books is like the ultimate box opening day!! This beautiful curriculum (seriously, the name of the company is so incredibly appropriate) includes the most gorgeous selection of picture books (21 to be exact! About 11 different countries), MAPS (which has become a favorite in my house and used all the time), Art Masterpieces to Color, and a blank notebook.

Beautiful Feet Books Around the World with Picture Books Part 2

Having geography, artist studies, nature studies, and notebooking all a part of this curriculum is like winning the Charlotte Mason jackpot. We’re able to combaine these subjects easily all from this one curriculum. Subjects that we have trouble fitting into our busy schedule (nature and artist studies, specifically) are now intertwined with geography so that I don’t feel the pressure to check off multiple boxes. It’s all done, together, right here for us to open and go.

Open up this same world of wonder in your homeschool

You can get Around the World with Picture Books to use in your home, or any other of Beautiful Feet Book’s amazing curriclum options. They’ve become a staple in our home and I’ve fallen in love with building our home library with the wonderful books that they have available to us. Head on over and check out all of their options yourself so you can fall in love, too.

A Beautiful Giveaway

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Do you love using Beautiful Feet Books in your homeschool? Let me know about your experience by dropping a line in the comments below or by joining my online homeschool support group! Be sure to also follow them on facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more about what they have to offer, too.

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