Is Kindergarten too young to add an American History curriculum to your homeschool?

I absolutely love homeschooling in Kindergarten! It may be one of my favorite ages. Kids are so eager to start school, there are so many opportunities to instill a love of learning in the simplest of ways, and the possibilities of what you can include to make school fun are endless. The question I hear floating around sometimes in relaxed homeschooling circles is, “Is Kindergarten too young to add an American History curiculum to your homeschool?” My simple answer is, no. You can never be too young to start learning about our nation’s history! However, I do have certain ways that we like to do it, and it all starts with using great books.

Is Kindergarten too young to use an American History Curriculum in your homeschool? Not when you use something as great as Sonlight's new Exploring American History! #kindergartencurriculum #kindergartenhistory #Sonlight
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If you haven’t found out by following me by now, our homeschool thrives off of using real, living books! We can’t get enough of learning from literature and all of the doors that those books open up for us. That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on Sonlight’s brand new Exploring American History: History/Bible/Literature K (HBL K) curriculum! Not only is it literature based, but it has some new books to use as a spine for the curriculum, an easy to follow format for me to follow as a busy homeschool mom, and includes multiple subjects all in one convenient bundle.

Literature Based History with Read Alouds

I’ve said it time and time again, using literature to teach our kids is my favorite! I’m like a kid in a candy store each and every time I go to the library or order books for our homeschool. I love reading these books over again or discovering them for the first time myself. I’ve been introduced to classics I’ve never read by following curriculum like Sonlight’s Exploring American History HBL K. No child is ever too young to be read quality literature to. In fact, this is one reason why I like incorporating American History into Kindergarten- it’s a great way to learn through read alouds. You don’t have to make history complicated at this age, but rather introduce new topics to them in ways they can relate to- through read alouds like Little House in the Big Woods and The Boxcar Children, and picture books like The Llama Who Had No Pajama and You Wouldn’t Want to be an American Pioneer!

Is Kindergarten too young to use an American History Curriculum? Not when you use something as great as Sonlight's new Exploring American History! #kindergartencurriculum #kindergartenhistory #Sonlight

Heroes and Happenings- a fun American History spine!

Something that makes history come alive is learning about real events and people. In Kindergarten, American History curriculum that revolves around highlighting real people in the midst of important events as opposed to just events is something that young children can understand because they’re able to comprehend people as being real as opposed to an abstract idea like past events may be to them. That is why I love having Heroes and Happenings as the spine of Sonlight’s Exploring American History HBL K. These books cover 66 different people and events throughout American History in short, easy to follow stories. My kids love the small tidbits of information mixed in with the stories to expand their learning, too.

Is Kindergarten too young to use an American History Curriculum? Not when you use something as great as Sonlight's new Exploring American History! #kindergartencurriculum #kindergartenhistory #Sonlight

Kindergarten American History Curriculum….and a Bible and Literature curriculum, too!

Ahh, yes. Combining subjects and ages is what makes homeschooling SO doable for me! Exploring American History HBL K is designed for kindergarten and first graders, but you all know that won’t stop me from making it work for all age ranges in my home! With quality literature, even my older kids stay engaged because these books are just timeless. Even the picture books are enjoyed by my seventh grader. History, Bible, and literature all combine so easily together that it’s a natural combination as opposed to three separate subjects being taught. Learn history through literature, then tie in Bible memorization. So simple.

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Do you use a literature based history or have you used any of Sonlight’s curriculum in the past? Let me know about it in the comments or in my Online Homeschool Community!

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