February Picture Book List: Celebrate Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and More With Picture Books!

Who knew that there was so much to enjoy and celebrate in February? Our February Picture Book List is our biggest yet. It includes Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, books by Mac Barnett (who is featured in our membership for February 2022), Goundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Library Lover’s Day, and President’s Day! WOW!! Let’s dig right into the best books to read this February!

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Books about Black History Month

February picture book list: Picture books about Black History Month. Black History Month picture books. Black History books for kids. #picturebooks #blackhistorymonth

Rosa by Nikki Giovanni

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks stood her ground against the segregation laws on city buses. This story does a great job of sharing the events that happened during and after her arrest. You can learn more about Rosa Parks in the free Rabbit Trails through Literature lesson: Rosa Parks.

Sweet Dreams, Sarah by Vivian Kirkfield

During Black History Month, I like to read books about the many accomplishments of African Americans. This book is about a not-so-well-known inventor, Sarah E. Goode. She was the first African American woman who got a U.S. patent. 

If I Only Had a Horn: Young Louis Armstrong by Roxane Orgill

Louis was a young, poor boy growing up in New Orleans surrounded by music. He longed to just have a horn for himself. You will read about all the things Louis had to do to get his very own horn. 

Books by Mac Barnett

February picture book list: Books by Mac Barnett. Mac Barnett book list. Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett. #MacBarnett #Picturebooks

Why am I so excited about Mac Barnett? Because he’s the author we’re featuring this month in Journey Down the Rabbit Trail membership!! He is SUCH a cool guy and I’m so excited to share more about him in the membership lessons! Join us over there, but also read all of these great titles, too.

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

Annabelle discovers a box of yarn and starts knitting. The box of yarn never runs out of yarn and she is able to knit many, many items from everyone and everything in her town. She is such a generous little girl. This book helps teach children how important it is to be generous even when people may not treat you the greatest.

Billy Twitters and the Big Blue Whale Problem by Mac Barnett

I just can’t get enough of Mac Barnett’s books! I just love them all! Poor Billy has a pet blue whale, because his parents want to teach him responsibility. There are hilarious events that happen for Billy and his blue whale. Mac Barnett also included many facts about blue whales into the story.

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett

Sam and Dave are on a mission to find something spectacular. As you read through this book, you will see that they keep missing the big treasure. But the story ends with something spectacular happening to them. This book is part of Rabbit Trails through Literature: Volume 2.

Continuing down our February picture book list with Chinese New Year books

February picture book list: Chinese New Year. Picture books about Chinese New Year. Chinese New year picture books. #Chinesenewyear #picturebooks

The Year of the Tiger by Oliver Chin

Chinese New Year is on February 1 and is the year of the Tiger. Oliver Chin has written a story for each animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Children will learn about courage and friendship from this story about Teddy the tiger prince.

A New Year’s Reunion by Yu Li-Qiong

This is a cute story about a family reunion between a father and daughter. It is a great reminder to treasure those reunion moments with faraway family members. It shows that your love for family members is strong enough to endure the distance.

The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac by Christopher Corr

Learn more about every animal in the Chinese Zodiac and how it earned its place. The Jade Emperor had a race to decide the order of the animals. The illustrations are very vibrant and fun to look at. You can figure out which animal is for your child’s year.

Picture Books about Groundhog Day

February picture books list: Groundhog Day. Picture books about Groundhog Day. Groundhogday picture books. #Groundhogday #picturebooks

Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather by Bruce Koscielniak

Do groundhogs really predict the weather? Find out in this adorable story. Then, you can travel even further down the Rabbit Trail and learn the history behind Groundhog Day and Candlemas in this fun holiday unit study.

Groundhog Day! by Gail Gibbons

I enjoy reading books by Gail Gibbons. This one is no exception. She does a great job of explaining the history behind Groundhog’s Day and how those traditions have evolved into what the holiday is today. She also includes facts about groundhogs.

Groundhog Weather School by Joan Holub

The Groundhog discovers he needs some help in predicting the weather. So he puts an ad in the paper. This book is full of fun facts about how animals and nature can help predict the weather and other weather facts.

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry

Lynne Cherry’s illustrations are AMAZING!!! This is a fun story about Groundhog learning how to take care of a garden instead of stealing food from it. He also learned how the insects help pollinate your garden. This book will get you excited for spring to come to plant your own garden!

Valentine’s Day Picture Books

February picture book list: Valentine's Day. Picture books about Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day picture books #ValentinesDay #picturebooks

Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda

How did Valentine’s Day begin? It all started with Saint Valentine and his secret message he sent to a little girl. It is such a great story and can lead to many important discussions. I am in love with the mosaic illustrations in this book! You can learn more about Valentine’s Day in Rabbit Trails through Valentine’s lesson.

The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond

Cornelia Augusta is such a sweet girl. One day it rains hearts and she gets busy making valentines for her animal friends. This is a fun book to read right before making your own valentines for family and friends.

What is Love? by Mac Barnett

I absolutely LOVE Mac Barnett! He is such a fun person! This beautiful book is about a little boy who asks everyone he meets what love is. Each person has a different answer, but none of them seem right. It’s definitely a must-read book!

A Fun Addition to our February Picture Book List: Library Lover’s Day!

February Picture Books list: Library Lover's Day. Library Lover's Day picture books. Picture books for Library Lover's Day. #libraryloversday #picturebooks

Library Lion by Michelle Knuden

When I found out there was a Library Lovers’ Day on February 14th, I had to include books for it! I hope you instantly fell in love with this book like we did! Library Lion is such a sweet story. This story is part of Rabbit Trails through Literature: Volume 1.

The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians by Carla Morris

This is such a fun book about a curious little boy who spends all his time at the library. The three librarians help him find books to answer all of his questions. But one day, the boy is old enough to leave for college. Will he ever return to visit his librarian friends?

Library Lil by Suzanne Williams

Lil loves to read so much that she became a librarian! She helps turn all the couch potato people in town into readers. Bust-em-up Bill and his motorcycle gang try to stop her. You wil have to read the story to see what happens next!

Picture Books about President’s Day

February Picture book list: President's Day. Picture books about President's Day. President's Day picture books. #presidentsday #picturebooks

The Next President by Kate Messner

Did you know when George Washingtong was President, there were already nine future presidents alive? Learn even more fun facts about our presidents and see what it takes to be the next presidents. Then, learn even more about President’s Day in Rabbit Trails through President’s Day.

Big George by Anne Rockwell

This is a great book that tells about the life of a shy boy who became our first president. Anne Rockwell filled the pages with facts about George’s life. The illustrations are so beautiful and add so much to the story! This amazing book is a main book in Rabbit Trails through History: America’s Founders.

Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln by Judith St. George

I love reading picture books about history because they help make the person or event come alive. We learn about Abe Lincoln’s life and who helped to shape him into the man he became. 

Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library by Barb Rosenstock

If you are a book lover like me, you will love this story about Thomas Jefferson. His passion for books led to a huge collection that covered hundreds of subjects. His massive collection helped to rebuild the Library of Congress! You can also learn more about Thomas Jefferson’s life in Rabbit Trails through History: America’s Founders.

February Picture Book List

I hope you find some titles you love in this February picture book list! What titles would you add? Let us know down in the comments or inside of my online homeschool community.

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