Spring Activities for Your Early Elementary Homeschooler

Spring is in the air! Do you feel it? All around I see the signs of spring, from the trees turning green to the butterflies fluttering by. I knew it was time to incorporate some lessons about spring into our homeschool, so I put together some spring activities for early elementary homeschoolers so you can do them right along with us.

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Spring Activities for Your Early Elementary Homeschooler

Since I’m homeschooling two kiddos with a bit of an age gap, my first grader usually tags along on his big brother’s lessons. It’s not often I do activities just for him outside of his math and reading. This spring I found the perfect excuse to put some activities together completely for his level for him to enjoy.

Spring has sprung! Here are some spring activities for your early elementary homeschooler. Spring books, butterfly observation, flower identification, and a FREE printable! #freeprintable #sprintactivities #homeschooling #springhomeschooleractivities
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I found some great books, we talked about flowers, did a really fun craft, studied some butterflies, and worked on a fun matching worksheet (which I of course have for you…for free!)

Spring Books

Finding Spring

This is an adorable story of a young bear who is searching for spring. He is very eager to find it, and may have mistaken something else for spring. But, blooming branches, green buds, and a rushing stream point him in the right direction to find his very first spring.


I loved going through this book with my son! It has gorgeous illustrations and has simple sight words, perfect to introduce for spring. Learn a bit about Robins, spring, and has a nice note from the author in the back to learn more about Robins.

Monarch and the Milkweed

Spring on the East Coast means Monarchs for us! Another book full of beautiful illustrations, learn along with your kiddo about the Monarch butterfly, their life cycle, and the milkweed that they need to survive. This book also has an author’s note in the back to learn more, but the book explains so much as it is.

Anatomy of a Flower

I sat down with my son, with a copy of Nature Anatomy in my hand, and we talked all about the parts of a flower. We grabbed some paper and some colored pencils and got to work. My son chose a flower from one of the following pages to draw and started going to town. When he was all finished, we made a diagram of his flower drawing, copying it from the book.

spring activities for your early elementary homeschooler

This spring activity is such a great way to help your early elementary homeschooler learn something that may seem a bit complex. But, my son took right to it and was super interested in the anatomy of a flower. You may find your child is eager to learn these words they’ve never heard before, too! If you continue to flip through Nature Anatomy, you will see anatomy of a butterfly, of a bee, and so many other things you can add into your spring activities and lessons. Go down that rabbit hole with your little ones and enjoy it!

Spring Nest Craft

This craft is actually an idea that I found and did with my kiddos last year, but we had so much fun with it that I knew I wanted to include it as a part of these spring activities!

spring lessons

When we read Are You My Mother last year (which is another great book to add to this stack!), we went outside and found some pine needles and made our own bird nests on paper with them. You can use whatever you have on hand in your area to create a bird nest out of.

This project goes along with the Nest book perfectly, so feel free to pair this fun spring activity with that!

Learn with a Butterfly Habitat

We’ve had this butterfly habitat for years! We originally bought it along with the free voucher to get our very own live caterpillars. You get to watch them eat, grow, form their chrysalis, and then become beautiful Painted Lady butterflies, all in the comfort of this little habitat in your home!

spring activities for your early elementary homeschooler

It’s been a few years since we’ve had butterflies, so I thought this year is the perfect year to get them again. My son is SO excited. There’s nothing better than hands on, real world learning to have your kiddos grasp a lesson! This may be our favorite part of the spring activities I put together for early elementary homeschoolers and my son really hopes that other families are getting caterpillars just like us (how cute is that?!)

Free Spring Matching Worksheet

I teamed up with Education.com to give you this free Spring Matching Worksheet! This worksheet is the icing on the cake for your spring activities with your early elementary kiddo. After you’ve read the books and finished the activities, they will start recognizing the words and be able to match them to the picture with ease! For more language arts activities, make sure to visit Education.com.

spring activities for your early elementary homeschooler

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Come on over to my online homeschool community to share your own spring activities in your homeschool!

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