Beautiful Nature Journals for Homeschoolers

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about nature journals lately. I decided to look into it myself to see what all the hype was about and now I totally get it! The amazing nature lessons that come along with journaling are quite extraordinary. Nature journals are the perfect addition to our homeschool, and here’s why.

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Get out into nature in your homeschool

When it comes to finding something to add to our homeschool, I tend to look for things that are easy for me to pick up and use without a lot of pre-planning. That’s why using a pre-made nature journal works so well!

Flipping it open to the very first page made my kids super excited. There’s an entire “All About Me” page that has fun questions, like “What is your favorite season?” and “What is your favorite insect?”. My boys had a lot of fun filling this out before we even made it into nature!

Seasonal homeschool nature journal

The book is split up mainly by season. Since we’re in the South, we’re still in the thick of summer. My boys have been exploring the summer pages and have had fun doing things like the summer scavenger hunt, sketching, and even observing insects.

In other season sections you will find some of the same pages, such as the scavenger hunt and observation. You will also find lots of different pages that are season specific, such as describing the season and specific observations. It even has some pages to go over seasonal poetry, too! This is such a sweet way to incorporate that into your nature studies!

A nature journal for all ages!

I love, love, love the way this notebook is broken up! It allows for you to just open it and go, but also the flexibility to add in something you may find on your own while exploring nature.

I am using this nature journal with all three of my oldest children (ages 3-12!). This is totally doable for all of them, even with the wide age range. On the pages that are writing heavy, I have my little one dictate what she would like written. There is the freedom to do a lot of drawing for younger kiddos. There’s also the freedom to have older kiddos go into a lot of detail in their writing.

nature journals

We have had so much fun using My Nature Journal so far this year. We cannot wait to keep going as the seasons change! You can get your very own copy of My Nature Journal for only $8. Enjoy the seasons together as a family!

Do you incorporate nature journals into your homeschool? Let me know your favorite way in my online homeschool community or in the comments below!

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