Free Literature Based History Lesson about Johnny Appleseed

I grew up learning about Johnny Appleseed. We lived in the heart of Ohio where he planted many trees. Yes, Johnny Appleseed was a real man that really planted trees! Your children can learn all about him with this free literature based history lesson about Johnny Appleseed, and you get to go along on the journey with them.

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Rabbit Trails through History is a literature based history curriculum. Now, you can check it out for yourself with this FREE Johnny Appleseed lesson! Beautiful books, copywork, hands on activities, poetry, and more are what fill this lesson. Let’s dig in and see what all it includes!

Beautiful Books are the heart of Rabbit Trails through History

This Rabbit Trails through History lesson is filled with some amazing books! (You can access ALL of the books for all of the Rabbit Trails lessons in my Amazon Storefront!) The first book is Johnny Appleseed by Steven Kellogg. Read all about John Chapman and his life, and enjoy the amazing illustrations as you do.

This book is followed up by a Rabbit Trail of reading and learning about apples! It’s the perfect lesson to not only learn about history, but to enjoy some fall fun, too.

Tying History and Nature Study Together

Children will learn about Johnny Appleseed in this lesson. Who was he, exactly? Was he real? Did he really plant a bunch of apples for people to eat? Then, they will go down the Rabbit Trail and enjoy a nature lesson all about apples, enjoy poetry, a science experiment, and even tie in language arts and an artist study!

Get your free copy of this Johnny Appleseed lesson now!

To grab your own copy of this free history lesson, sign up clicking the button below. I hope this lesson brings delight and inspiration to your home! Get your free Johnny Appleseed lesson now!

Continue Down the Rabbit Trail…

This lesson isn’t just amazing literature and a history lesson, but your children will be encouraged to dip their feet into some art, music, and more. For more Rabbit Trails lessons, head over to the Rabbit Trails through History page to see even more great history lessons!

2 thoughts on “Free Literature Based History Lesson about Johnny Appleseed

  1. Launch Party was great! Hoping to have a chance to win free curriculum!
    I’d say one of the exciting things I learned tonight is that new timeline cards are available! Creating a timeline for history…so cool!

    1. I’m so glad you were able to join me for the launch party! I hope you enjoy the free lesson!!

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