The Underground Railroad Unit Study

underground railroad unit study

The Underground Railroad is a topic in history I was excited to cover with my kids in our homeschool. It’s such an important subject to discuss so that children can truly understand slavery and a period in our country that still effects us today. I took this topic and made it into a unity study that we worked on over a few weeks. Here is my Underground Railroad Unit Study!

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100 ways to incorporate roadschooling in your homeschool

Homeschooling can be taken to the road to get real life learning! The world is full of learning opportunities. Roadschooling can take you there in your homeschool! Travel near or far to get real life history, hands on science, nature studies, and so much more. #roadschooling #homeschool #homeschooling #travel #ihn #ihomeschoolnetwork

Roadschooling is our favorite way to learn. From rich, living history, to learning about nature while we’re traveling to new places, the possibilities are endless! But, what exactly is roadschooling? And how can you add it into your homeschool? I will show you with these 100 ways to incorporate roadschooling into your homeschool!

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