Ten STEM Science Activities for Kids

STEM science is one of our favorite things to study in our homeschool. Except, we don’t typically study it, per se. And my kids don’t usually even realize they’re learning. Here’s how we use STEM science projects in our homeschool and how you can make STEM science fun for your kids.

STEM Science projects for kids. STEM Science is proven to have many benefits for kids! Here are some STEM projects, toys, and activities for kids to get their hands on and to keep learning fun. #STEM #scienceforkids #homeschoolscience #thisbitoflife
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We found this really cool book that has all kinds of neat STEM projects. The LEGO Crazy Contraptions Craft Kit has kept my nine year old busy all week. He keeps taking his contraptions apart and building new, cool inventions! He came running in the room asking for dental floss and minutes later had this in his hands.

This Tennessee Time Waster has been my favorite of all of the contraptions I’ve laid witness to this week. The LEGO Crazy Contraption Craft Kit includes instructions for 16 different contraptions and also includes every piece you need (so no making a mess dumping all of your current LEGOs everywhere! Well, not yet, any ways…)

Stem Science for Kids

Did you know that there are actual benefits to your kids doing STEM projects?! According to StemJobs, doing STEM related activities fosters creativity, boosts confidence, prepares you for college curriculum, and much more. We are very fortunate that we live in an area where my kids are able to attend a STEM science class taught by a woman who used to volunteer at NASA. It’s been an opportunity of a lifetime. (Yes, I’m not afraid to send my kids out for others to teach them when awesome opportunities present themselves! Homeschooling doesn’t need to take place at home all of the time. I’m happy for the break!)

Nine more STEM science activities for kids

1. K’NEX

K’NEX are an awesome STEM toy to have around. Whether you have a regular K’NEX set on hand, or one like this set that gives you an introduction to structures, they’re sure to keep your kiddo using their brain and having fun all at the same time. My son received a huge K’NEX rollercoaster for his last birthday and spent hours putting it together. I made sure not to burst his bubble and kept that he was learning while playing to myself.

2. Geckobot

Here’s another super cool STEM toy that we found out about because we got it as a gift. This Geckobot is really cute. And what kid doesn’t love robots? My kids got it to climb up our sun room door and cheered for it the whole way up. They may have ended up naming it and all. This is the kind of critter I don’t mind having in my house.

3.Math Slam

Math is more fun when you get to beat stuff up! I don’t know about you, but my boys like when they can get physical. Math does offer some hands on learning through manipulatives, but not like this. Slam down the correct answer in this Bop It style game and everyone has a blast. This is perfect for that kid who just doesn’t like flash cards (like mine) but you want to get some math fact practice in.

4. Snap Circuits

This one is a big hit in our house. There are a handful of different snap circuit sets you can get, but this rover is my kids’ favorite. Not only do they learn how to connect circuits, but they get to build a rover and shoot foam discs at people. We’ve had this for a few years and it gets taken out time and time again. They modify it and do other things with these snap circuits, but it never fails that after a few months I see that rover coming at me, ready to shoot me down with it’s discs.

5. Rube Goldberg

My kids did two STEM classes where they created their own Rube Goldberg devices. Oh my goodness, it’s all I heard about for weeks after! Luckily, there is a whole set of different Rube Goldberg challenges, and they’re all really affordable so you can collect them all.

6. Rockets

All kids need to have a rocket launch at some point. The thing I love about this rocket is that it’s not the kind that has a motor or one you stomp on to launch. Oh, no no no. This rocket launches with the good old chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar. So, not only are your kids going to learn about rockets, but they’re also going to get a really cool chemistry lesson, too.

7. Hackathon

My son has been d.y.i.n.g. to get this game! Think of it as an escape room in the palm of your hands. You have to de-code to keep moving forward and get through all 8 scenario cards. Have a spy-wannabe at your house? This is for them!

8. Cozmo

stem science for kids

My son recently bought this with his Christmas money. I was stoked because he will be getting some awesome coding experience in! Cozmo is the cutest little robot that can learn your name, play games, and find his little blocks he comes with. You can also get a coding app (which is free) and teach him to do even more.

9. Telescope

I feel like every family needs at least one decent telescope. We’re studying some constellations right now, and to just be able to walk outside at night and see what we’re learning in real life can never be beat. Not only are you able to look at stars, but the moon, other planets… it really opens up so many lessons about space that can then snowball into lessons about space exploration and so much more.

My Kids Can’t Get Enough of STEM Science

Whether it’s through our homeschool STEM science class we’re involved in, or finding fun activities to do at home, my kids can’t get enough STEM science in their lives. So, let your kids go crazy with their imaginations, put their engineering skills to good use, and tackle some fun STEM science today!

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