11 Picture Books About The Solar Eclipse

During the last eclipse in 2017, we lived in North Carolina and were close to the path of totality. What a fun experience that was! We gathered with our homeschool friends and watched the phenomenon happen together. Now we will be right along the path again for this 2024 eclipse and my kids are so excited. You can get excited along with us with these picture books about the solar eclipse.

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Picture Books about Poetry: A beautiful poetry book list for kids

I’m a sucker for poetry! I love adding it to my childrens’ lessons and I love browsing it myself, too. Give me a good poem by Emily Dickinson any day of the week. I’m also a lover and collector of picture books. Combine the two, and you better believe I have a hard time not pressing “buy now” when I come across a poetry picture book! I’ve compiled a list of awesome picture books about poetry just for you so you can fall in love with these books like I have!

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The Ultimate List of Middle Grade History Books

Literature based education is my jam. I try to fit in as many books as we can throughout our school year. Forget the text books, I want real, living books! Picture books, novels, you name it. All of our Rabbit Trails through History curriculum is filled with amazing pictures books and is a great fit for both elementary and middle school learners. I always add novels to my middle schooler’s lessons, but that leaves the rest of the families using Rabbit Trails saying, “What novels should my child read along with these lessons?” Never fear, the ultimate list of middle grade history books is here!

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20 Picture Books About Native Americans

20 Picture Books About Native Americans. 20 of the best picture books about Native Americans. Picture Books about Native American Tribes. #picturebooks #booklist #nativeamericans

Learning about Native Americans is important for many reasons. Not only do we get to learn about those that have come before us, but it’s important to learn about Native Americans throughout history through a lense of what really happened, not just the happy stories that are in many of our textbooks. This list of 20 picture books about Native Americans will take you through the different regions of the United States, plus some extras that shouldn’t be missed. Let’s dig in to some of these beautiful books together!

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20 Picture Books About Space

Space: The Final Frontier… Okay, I’m not actually a Trekkie, but I do love learning about space! It has always been a favorite subject of mine. I love star gazing, finding shooting stars, learning about planets, and space exploration. One of my favorite movies is Hidden Figures. I even happen to live in John Glenn’s home town! So, when it came time to write up another book list, space was on the top of my list. Here are 20 picture books about space you (okay, and your kids. This is for the kids…) are sure to love!

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February Picture Book List: Celebrate Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and More With Picture Books!

February picture book list

Who knew that there was so much to enjoy and celebrate in February? Our February Picture Book List is our biggest yet. It includes Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, books by Mac Barnett (who is featured in our membership for February 2022), Goundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Library Lover’s Day, and President’s Day! WOW!! Let’s dig right into the best books to read this February!

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