Rabbit Trails Q&A

How many weeks is this curriculum supposed to cover?

This curriculum is designed to cover 32 weeks with 16 lessons. Each lesson should be spread out over 2 weeks with the main lesson, Rabbit Trails, and more ideas. It’s designed to be adjustable to work for your unique family, so there isn’t a set schedule with it because I don’t want any one worrying about box checking. Some may choose to work through it faster and some slower- that’s ok, too! The beauty is that you can make it work however you like for your family and homeschool.

What grade does this curriculum cover?

Rabbit Trails through Literature was created for all elementary aged children, first through fifth. With it being a unit study and Relaxed curriculum, it gives basic instructions on what your child should be doing, but can be adjusted so that you can make it easier or harder based on their personal needs. I’ve had families report back to me saying they’re using it with their children ages 4-13!

Does Rabbit Trails through Literature include spelling and reading?

Formal spelling and reading instruction are not included in Rabbit Trails through Literature. Many homeschoolers feel that copy work is a natural way to learn spelling, as opposed to having formal spelling instruction. Reader books are also recommended in each lesson, however phonics are not covered. We do offer a separate spelling curriulum: My Spelling Journal for grades 1-5. If you’re looking for formal reading curriculum, I highly recommend both All About Learning Press and Dash Into Learning for these areas (Use the code RABBITTRAILS at Dash Into Learning to receive 15% off).

Is this curriculum faith based?

Yes. Rabbit Trails through Literature has copy work sections each week that include a Bible verse. If you skip this one copy work assignment, then the rest of the curriuclum is more or less faith neutral.

My state requires a certain amount of time in our homeschool. With the short lessons, is Rabbit Trails enough?

My personal answer to this is YES. Since Rabbit Trails has so many books that are possible to read to go along with it, the possibilities with the Rabbit Trails bring a huge opportunity for extended lessons. Rabbit Trails through Literature also does not include formal spelling or reading instruction, so both of these can be added to fill requirements for your state.