My Spelling Journal Level 2


Hands-On Spelling Your Kids Will Love!



Learning phonics and spelling is important. Now your children can learn them both in a fun, hands-on way with My Spelling Journal!

Concepts covered in Level 2:
Short a
Short e
Short i
Short o
Short u
I, silent e
O, silent e
U, silent e
Ee words
Ea words
Ai words
Long i words
Oa words
Ar words
-ear -eer
-or, -oar, ore
-air, -are
Ou, ow words
Oy, oi words
Ew, oo, ui
Oo, ou
Au, aw
Ie words
Ei, ea
Hard and soft c
Hard and soft g
-ed endings
-er, -est endings
-ly, -ful endings

My Spelling Journal is a digital PDF download.

Each level is sold individually.


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