Preschool Curriculum

Rabbit Trails through Literature: Preschool is a literature based Preschool curriculum for ages 3-4. It contains 14 lessons, with each lesson taking 2 weeks to cover. This makes it a 28 week curriculum, which covers one full school year.

Preschool has 14 lessons on different social skills that your children are sure to love. The 14 social skill lessons are focused on are:

-Working together
-Being a good friend
-Greeting others
-Taking care of others
-Healthy Eating

-Being a hard worker
-Having courage
-Being yourself

Let’s not forget about the Rabbit Trails! The Rabbit Trails in Preschool are all nature themed. They are:


-Hermit Crabs
-The Moon

Want to know more how the curriculum works and what is included? The file below gives an inside look on how to use the curriculum, the books, lessons, and Rabbit Trails included, and a sample lesson to look over.

Want to see inside of this Preschool curriculum? Here is a full video walk through!

What about a sample schedule? I created Rabbit Trails through Literature to not have any boxes to check- I want homeschool families to make Rabbit Trails fit into their everyday lives without stressing about what lesson needs to be done each day. However, I know some people like to have a lesson all laid out for them so they can envision how the curriculum will fit into their homeschool. I have attached a file that shows a sample schedule for one lesson to give you an idea of how I personally lay out the lessons in my own homeschool.

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