Prehistoric Science

Rabbit Trails through Science: Prehistoric Science is a literature based science curriculum for all elementary age children. It contains 12 lessons, with each lesson taking two weeks to cover. This makes it a 24 week curriculum.

This science curriculum has 12 lessons on different dinosaurs and important events during prehistoric times, turning you into a junior paleontologist! The 12 different lessons and Rabbit Trails include:

-Prehistory and God’s Creation
-Paleontology and Fossils
-Prehistoric Marine Life
-The Age of the Dinosaurs

-King of the Dinosaurs
-The Ice Age and Prehistoric Mammals

This Curriculum’s Main Books

The main books that go along with this curriculum are:

Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life

This is the main book that your children will be learning out of for this curriculum. It has beautiful illustrations and even has gold leaf pages! The glossary in the back will also help aid in vocabulary.


This is an adorable poetry book that a majority of the copywork inside of the curriculum comes from. It has fun pictures to go along with the fun poems!

God’s Brillantly Big Creation Story

This book is the main book for the first lesson. It is important that we recognize who our Creator is when we learn about the origins of the Earth!

Dinosaur Lady

This is the main book for our second lesson. Learning about paleontologists is a major part of this curriculum and this book is an amazing starting point for that!

Want to know more how the curriculum works and what is included? The file below gives an inside look on how to use the curriculum, the books, lessons, and Rabbit Trails included, and a sample lesson to look over

Want to see inside? Here is a walk through of Rabbit Trails through Science: Prehistory!

What about a sample schedule? I created Rabbit Trails through Science to not have any boxes to check- I want homeschool families to make Rabbit Trails fit into their everyday lives without stressing about what lesson needs to be done each day. However, I know some people like to have a lesson all laid out for them so they can envision how the curriculum will fit into their homeschool. I have attached a file that shows a sample schedule for one lesson to give you an idea of how I personally lay out the lessons in my own homeschool.

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and your Scripture Cards and Companion Journal to go with your lesson!

Have fun learning about Prehistory in your homeschool with Rabbit Trails through Science!