Take your holiday studies down a rabbit trail with Rabbit Trails through the Holidays! Gear up to learn about different holidays and special days through literature, with copywork, hands on activities, and, of course, Rabbit Trails!

Ready to add some holiday studies to your homeschool? Rabbit Trails through the Holidays is here to bring joy to your home! Read amazing books, create hands on projects, read poetry, and more through this Holiday curriculum. #rabbittrailscurriculum #holidayunitstudy #holidaycurriculum

Rabbit Trails through the Holidays is set up in the same way as the beloved Rabbit Trails through Literature. This time, all of the Rabbit Trails will dive deeper into each holiday and special day.

Rabbit Trails through each holiday this year

Let’s celebrate all the different holidays! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many more beloved holidays are a great way to learn beyond why we eat turkey or hang our stockings. Dive deep into each holiday and special day with amazing literature to lead the way.

What’s included?

Rabbit Trails through the Holidays will have lessons in so many fun holidays and special days throughout the year! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, and more. They will all be created throughout the year as the holidays come about, with Christmas being the first lesson featured. Each lesson will include…

-lessons from the main book
-hands on activities and crafts
-library lists
-and, of course, Rabbit Trails with suggestions of additional books and exploration into each holiday!

To see more about a sample schedule, inside of a Rabbit Trails curriculum, and a sample, head on over to see all of the details inside of Rabbit Trails through Literature.

Get all of your books in one convenient location!

I’ve created a book list for you inside of my Amazon Storefront. One easy location for you to locate all of the books you will need (don’t forget to check your library, too, of course!)

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